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Outdoor Storage Sheds in Abingdon, Virginia.

Discover Premier Structures, your one-stop shop for top-notch gazebos, sheds, and portable garages in Abingdon, VA. Quickly meet your storage needs with our high-quality options! We now offer free delivery within a 50-mile radius, extending our exceptional services further than ever. Rest assured with our comprehensive warranties covering all prefab portable storage units, keeping your structure safe from damage and leaks.

Explore various solutions tailored to your requirements, including Sheds, Garages, Dog Kennels, and more. All are available in Abingdon, Virginia, and nearby areas. Embrace the convenience of our prefab portable structures today and transform your backyard into an organized and manageable space.

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Check out our inventory in Abingdon, Virginia! You can visit for more details or check on the inventory page. We will take care of the rest, as we offer free delivery within 50 miles and only charge per mile after that!

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What Portable Building Do You Need?

Here are some of the main designs that we offer:

Metal shed for sale in abingdon va

Sheds in Abingdon Virginia

Looking for a backyard organization in Abingdon, VA? Our excellent storage sheds offer an affordable way to keep your outdoor space tidy and increase your property’s value. Whether you’re a homeowner or a potential buyer, our prefab portable storage units make a great addition to any property. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect storage structure in Abingdon, VA! You can get started by stopping by our sales lot, or requesting a free quote. 

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Garages in Abingdon

Whether you need a spacious garage to protect your vehicles or a delightful hobby workshop, we have the perfect solutions. Check out our wide range of options, including Single, Double Wide, and two-story garages, all customized to meet your needs. Trust our prefab portable garages, supported by a comprehensive warranty and convenient delivery to your chosen location. Experience the best in Abingdon, Virginia, with Premier Structures!

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residential prefab dog kennels in abingdon va

Dog Kennels in Abingdon

Are you looking for a comfortable place for your dog to live that doesn’t break the bank? We’re proud to provide a fantastic selection of pre-built portable structures tailored to your needs. Our products come in various sizes, colors, and materials, and we offer unlimited customization options to suit your preferences. Plus, we’ve covered you with flexible financing, including rent-to-own choices, with no credit check required. Treat your beloved pets to the ultimate comfort with our beautiful dog houses.

Dog Kennels

Gazebos in Abingdon

Are you in Abingdon, VA, and love spending time outdoors? Look no further! Premier Structures has top-quality gazebos that will enhance your outdoor experience. Our beautiful gazebos are perfect for hosting barbecues or family gatherings in your backyard. Plus, they add considerable value to your property. Choosing a gazebo from Premier Structures creates a welcoming outdoor space and attracts potential buyers. Let’s make your dream gazebo a reality – pick yours today!

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Welcome to Premier Structures, your one-stop shop for top-quality gazebos, sheds, and portable garages in Abingdon, VA, and nearby areas. With a wide range of customization options, you can choose your building type, materials, sizes, and colors. Once you’ve decided, leave the construction process to us, and we’ll deliver your tailor-made masterpiece to your desired location.

At Premier Structures, we understand the importance of site preparation. If your site needs prepping before delivery, don’t worry; our skilled delivery driver, an experienced independent contractor, can assist with limited blocking and leveling services to ensure a smooth installation (additional charges may apply). We strive to make the whole process hassle-free for you.

To show our gratitude to customers like you in Abingdon, VA, and nearby areas, we offer free delivery within a 50-mile radius. At Premier Structures, we guarantee unmatched products and exceptional service from start to finish. Join us on a journey of convenience and quality as we turn your outdoor space dreams into reality.



At Premier Structures, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of beautifully crafted items. Our products, such as horse barns, run-in sheds, and dog kennels, are proudly made in the USA by skilled Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. They use the finest materials and traditional methods, making each piece an actual work of art. When you select one of our animal shelters, like a dog kennel or horse barn, you can be confident that you’re getting a top-quality product while also supporting American workers and the growth of the US economy.


Free Portable Building Delivery

At Premier Structures, we understand that choosing a gazebo, shed, or portable garage is a significant decision. That’s why we’ve made it hassle-free for you! If you’re in Abingdon, VA, we’ve got you covered. Within 50 miles of our Wytheville, Virginia, location, we provide free delivery for all our gazebos, sheds, and portable garages. If you’re a bit farther, no problem – we’ll add a straightforward per-mile fee. Leave the delivery hassle to us while you enjoy your new structure!


Customize Your Building

Welcome to Premier Structures, your one-stop shop for top-quality gazebos, sheds, and portable garages in Virginia and Abingdon, VA. Our specialty is crafting animal shelters with a variety of styles and designs, all customizable to suit your preferences. Whether you want to match existing structures or create something unique, we offer many options to bring your vision to life. The possibilities are endless, from siding and roofing materials to windows, doors, lofts, cupolas, vents, and more. We take great pride in meeting your specific requirements, ensuring your barn or kennel becomes a masterpiece.

More Information On Portable Buildings

What kind of animal shelter are you looking for in Abingdon, VA? At Premier Structures, we’ve simplified the process of finding the perfect solution. Contact us now to begin discussing and planning the structure you have in mind! Whether it’s a barn, kennel, or any other type of shelter, call or request a free quote below, and we’ll be happy to explore your ideas together!