16 Innovative Small Shed Ideas & Uses in Virginia

Are you needing ideas for your small shed? In this blog, we share 16 innovative small shed ideas that you can try in your own backyard. These 16 small shed ideas can bring you, your family, and friends lots of fun and excitement as you try these ideas with your storage shed. Or, perhaps you are considering purchasing a small shed but unsure what you could use it for. These 16 innovative small shed ideas are sure to generate some creative ideas for you as you consider purchasing a small shed. Without further adieu, here we go!

1. Gym Room

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Have you considered using your shed as a gym room? Sometimes it can be difficult to drive all the way to a gym to get your workout for the day, especially if you have children or simply just have a really busy schedule. Therefore, it is worth learning how to turn a shed into a gym so that you can enjoy the convenience of working out from home. Turning your shed into a gym room can be especially convenient and yield benefits that exceed the investment. Whether you are a bodybuilder, fitness trainer, or just want to maintain good health, this can be a valuable option for you.

2. SoundProof Studio

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Perhaps you are a musician, instrumentalist, or vocalist. Sometimes practicing your craft in the comfort of your own home can be difficult, especially if then noise disrupts other occupants in the home. Utilizing a small shed as a soundproof studio can provide you the exact space you need to practice your craft free from the worries of distracting others. With proper insulation and soundboards, a small shed can be perfect for practicing your vocals, instrumentation, or music.

3. Gaming Room

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Do you enjoy video games or even board games? Sometimes there is not enough room for a game room in your house, so why not have one in a shed. Sheds can provide a unique space for you to utilize as a game room. It can provide good noise isolation for video game players, but also provide great space if you prefer to play traditional board or card games. There are multiple shed conversion to game room ideas to get you the gameroom you desire. Also, having a game room is a great way to entertain friends and family in your own backyard.

4. Writing Room

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Have you considered using a small shed as a writing room? Building a writer shed can provide a quiet, comfortable, and isolated place for you to think creatively as you write. Whether you are writing poetry, a story, an essay, or completing a writing assignment for school, a small storage shed can provide you the exact space you need to focus on your craft without any distractions.     

5. Art Studio

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Try using a small shed as an art studio. Perhaps as an Artist, you crave isolation, quiet, and peace, in order to have the space and solitude for your creative thoughts to flow. Utilizing a small shed as an art studio shed provides you the undisturbed space to allow your creativity to flow. It provides a sufficient space for you to set up your easel, paints, paintbrushes, and whatever else you need to create your masterpiece.

6. Pottery Studio

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Along the lines of creativity and art, have you considered using a small shed for a pottery studio? Using a small shed for a pottery studio can provide you the space to focus on your craft, or even teach one on one pottery classes. Given the rugged style of a shed, you won’t need to worry about making a mess. Also, storage sheds can provide great interior shelving for you to hang up your finished products for display. Small storage sheds can make for great use as a pottery studio.

7. Pool House

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Do you own a pool? Finding storage space for pool items can be a headache and inconvenient if the solution to that problem is your own house. Having a storage shed to use as a pool house provides you the convenience of accessing all of your pool accessories right by your pool. Pool cleaning supplies, floating tubes, goggles, pool toys, you name it! All can be safely stored in a pool house right by your pool for easy access and storage.

8. Man Cave

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To all the men out there, are you needing a mancave without occupying too much square footage in your home? A small shed makes for a great man cave without taking up any space in your own home. Better yet, you can outfit your man cave with whatever you like whether it is a pool table, bar, a study, or whatever brings out the man in you. Plus, having a man cave in a small shed provides you the space to have friends over or host a small gathering without all the extra added prep needed if you were hosting it in your own home.

9. She Shed

To all the ladies out there, you too deserve to have a space of your own for you to relax, unwind, and enjoy. Have you considered using a small shed as a she shed that is perfectly tailored to what you enjoy doing? Whether you like to build, paint, write, host friends, or whatever brings you joy, consider giving yourself the gift of a she shed. She sheds can also be perfect spots for hanging out with friends, hosting parties, or simply just enjoying some peace and quiet. Give it a try!

10. Playhouse

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Do you have kids? Have you considered using a small shed as a playhouse? Small storage sheds can make a great playhouse for kids. Playhouses provide a great space for kids to allow their imagination to run wild. Playhouses are also great for storing kid’s toys which then frees up some space in your home. Even more importantly, a playhouse affords your kids the opportunity to unplug from technology and simply enjoy the great outdoors with a playhouse to creatively use for whatever they desire.

11. Guestroom

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A small shed can make for a great guestroom. You can turn a small shed into a cozy, quiet, and quaint getaway for an individual or couple. You can even turn your small shed into an additional revenue stream by renting it out to passing travelers or even using it as a guest room for additional guests you have staying at your home. A small shed guestroom balances giving visitors a sense of thier own privacy but yet close proximity to their host.

12. Cabin Shed

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Are you into hunting or just like to take yearly trips to an isolated cabin up in the mountains? Cabin sheds can be used as a great way to provide you and your family time away together over the weekend. Plenty of memories to be built and find times to be had when you make it a yearly tradition to spend a family weekend at the cabin. Cabins also can be a great place to hang out with friends, have a personal retreat, or use as a hunting cabin.

13. Grandparents Pod

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It’s always a gift to have grandparents nearby. Have you considered using a small shed as a grandparents pod? A grandparents pod utilizes a small shed converted into a comfortable living space for grandparents. This allows grandparents to have the comfort of their own space, while at the same time allowing them to enjoy close proximity with family. Grandparents pod can be more cost affordable than building an entire new addition to your house. Even more importantly grandparents will have easy access to their grandchildren and children.

14. Potting Shed

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Do you have a green thumb? Even if not, you can use a small shed as a potting shed. This allows for you to have adequate storage space for all of your gardening tools and the convenience of accessing them right in your backyard. You can even grow some plants in your potting shed or use the space to prepare what you will plant outdoors.

15. Storage Shed

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Have additional storage needs, consider using your small shed for storage space. Often times houses can be overly cluttered with stuff when you don’t have enough storage space. Give yourself the opportunity to declutter by using a small shed for storage. You can store all of your yard equipment in the shed keeping it safe from harsh weather elements, especially during the winter.

16. Snack Stand

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You can use a small shed as your own concession/snack stand. Whether you are a good baker or simply can put together creative snacks, you can have your own snack or concession stand in your own backyard. This can quickly become a neighborhood favorite as you offer it to your local community. Add a movie to the mix and you can have your own creative movie night for friends and family with a concession stand for delicious goodies. 

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