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Benefits of a Storage Building?

It’s time to help your property meet its full potential. With the perfect outdoor storage building, you can reap many benefits.

  • Storage buildings can be altered with creative ideas, allowing you to have more fun with your shed.
  • Storage buildings increase the value of your property.
  • Storage buildings gives you the extra storage space you need.

No matter what your storage shed goals are, we can help you find or design the perfect storage building. A wide selection of outdoor shed models means that you can choose a style that suits your property and its needs perfectly.

Metal Storage Buildings — At the Heart of Premier Structures

At Premier Structures, we believe that the quality of the structures matters the most! We provide our customers the most-durable structures for their satisfaction for years to come! The quality of the materials, and the craftsmanship of the Amish & Mennonites merged together to serve you the best metal storage buildings in and around Southwest Virginia.

Our storage units are not just typical metal structures. These structures are a combination of a wooden frame and heavy-duty siding produces a truly premier metal structure.

single car metal structure garage

Benefits of a Metal Structure:

Our Metal Sheds

metal structure economy shed

Economy A-Frame Metal Shed

Our economy a-frame shed is built with a wood frame, covered on the outside by our world-class sheet metal siding. This structure costs less than an equivalant wood shed, but lasts longer!

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single car metal structure garage

Deluxe A-Frame Metal Shed

Our Deluxe model metal shed builds on the economy model by adding wood sheathing to the interior. This gives a tighter, stronger, and better looking inside to your shed. This method costs similar to an equivalent wood structure, but lasts longer!

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Deluxe Barn Metal Shed

The Deluxe Barn shed is built like our Deluxe A-Frame, but is based on the barn style design. If you like a barn style shed, choose the Deluxe Barn.

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Difference Between The Deluxe and Economy Structures

Economy and deluxe options are available for most of the buildings that we manufacture. You may choose the economy structures if you are looking for a simple storage unit. Economy structures add beauty to your property while providing enough storage space (OSB not included). Or, choose our deluxe structures if you plan to store a lot of things. Deluxe structures will increase the value of your property while providing you with a larger storage space. However, the economy option is only available in the A-Frame style. Not available in the Barn style sheds.





Why Choose A Premier Metal Building

  • Our metal structures are wood-framed, which allows our customers to install their hangers, shelves, etc. easily.
  • Heavy-duty metal siding! We wrap the exterior of the building with a thicker layer of metal—extremely durable for outdoor conditions. Our metal siding weighs at least 2lbs per square foot, which is much more than the industry average.
  • As a proof of our heavy-duty metal siding buildings, we are backing it up with a 40-year guarantee!

Bonus: The deluxe model is built with siding attached to OSB on studs, producing a more sound, temperature, and air-tight structure.

Our Metal Buildings vs. the Competition

When you think of a metal structure, you might think of a building that is wood framed and wrapped with a thin layer of metal. But we don’t just cover the buildings with a thin layer of metal! Let’s read on to find out what makes Premier Structures unique.

As a leader of the industry, at Premier Structures, we are making sure that our customers are satisfied with their building’s quality. Most of our buildings come in two types: Economy and Deluxe.

Our economy structures are built to provide storage space where you can store and organize your tools, supplies, equipment, etc. Economy buildings come with the base of the structure. These buildings include siding, flooring, roofing, window, door, and vent options. It will provide you enough room to easily manage your things.

Our deluxe structures are an upgrade from our economy buildings. In addition to all of the economy features, deluxe structures come with a porch, ramp, skylight, shelving, workbench, shutter, and flower box. Custom accessories are also available.

We Provide Wood Structures As Well

Why choose a wood storage building:

  • Our wooden structures have more color options. In addition to paint options, wooden siding allows for staining as well.
  • Wooden storage units are the best-possible structures to meet with HOA (Homeowner’s Association) requirements. (Not guaranteed).
  • Our wood structures are as durable as our metal structures.
  • Some folks just prefer the look of a wooden structure!
white storage barn

Our Wood Sheds

lake house storage shed

The A-Frame Shed

The A-Frame storage shed features rugged utility, but in a beautiful sort of way. This outdoor shed was designed so the doors could be placed on either the side or the end, to allow for the best access possible. It comes standard with double doors and two screened windows.

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Barn Style Sheds

Built in the classic barn design known and loved around the US, Barn Style storage sheds are both functional and versatile. The Mini Barn offers straightforward storage on a budget. Our High Barn models feature walls up to 7 ½’ high on some sizes. The extra vertical space in this outdoor shed means you get more cubic feet of storage with the same size of building footprint! Read our 12×24 Sheds to get an idea of ideal shed sizes.

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outdoor shed in the forest
outdoor storage sheds in va

The Quaker Shed

This dignified storage shed design is a lovely addition to any garden or backyard. With an 18” overhang above the door, its shape is similar to a run-in shed, but fully enclosed. With shingle and metal roofing options available and huge selection of color combinations to choose from, you’ll be able to create the outdoor shed of your dreams!

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The New England Shed

This is the elite storage shed of the 21st century. Screened windows with shutters and flower-boxes. Double doors and a single door come standard, with the option of transom windows on the doors. Your choice of metal or shingle roofing and painted or stained siding. This outdoor shed is as good as you imagine it. Or better.

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storage shed in the winter

Why Choose A Premier Wooden Building

  • Our wood structures are wood-framed, which allows our customers to install their hangers, shelves, etc. easily.
  • Our wood structures can be custom painted or stained at any color, giving our customers for flexibility with the design of their shed. Also, wood is a naturally aesthetically appealing structure.
  • Our wooden structures are known to be durable, able to withstand strong storms and heavy winds.

Bonus: Wood is known as a natural insulator, which means you don’t have to worry too much about extreme temperatures in your shed when storing your belongings.

Storage Shed Photos

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outdoor sheds for sale in va
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Storage Sheds, Built Locally

Premier Structures are constructed in southwestern Virginia. Whether you’re trying to have a storage shed to organize your backyard tools, or you want to create small workshop shed for your hobbies. We’ve got you covered! Our affordable storage sheds available in many different styles, for many purposes. Now you can even design your own portable building via our Online 3D Shed Builder. Otherwise, you can choose to go with our simple free shed quote form. Either way, when you purchase a shed from us, you’re supporting local business and the Virginia economy.


Free storage Shed Delivery

Premier Structures is local to southwestern Virginia, we’ve chosen to offer free delivery on all our storage sheds, up to 50 miles from our location in Dublin, VA. Beyond the first 50 miles, it’s a simple per mile fee. We deliver affordable storage sheds and any kind of portable structures for your needs! in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Wytheville, Bristol, and Bluefield, VA, as well as across state lines to Bristol,TN; Mt. Airy, NC; Princeton and Bluefield, WV and the surrounding areas. for further info; visit our Areas We Serve page.


Customize Your storage Shed

Every person is different. We think every storage shed should be unique as well. With that in mind, all of our prefab storage buildings are designed to be individually customized. Our metal sheds have a 40-year paint warranty, and our wood siding panels come with a 5/50 year manufacturer warranty! Shingles are the most common storage shed roofing material, but metal panels are an elegant and long-lasting alternative. Our shingle roofs are warranted for 30 years and metal for 40 years! Plus, now you can design your own shed via our 3D Shed Builder.

Like What You’re Seeing?

It’s simple to get one of our storage sheds into your backyard. We’re excited about helping you plan and design the perfect building for your needs! To get started, just request a free custom quote below. Select the size, style, and any custom features you’d like included in your garden shed, and we’ll send you a price. It’s that simple!