Our Prefab Wood Sheds

Here at Premier Building Solutions we realize it can be a hassle to store all of your seasonal items in your garage attic or find room to store them in your home. This is the reason we are happy to bring you are selection of top quality prefab wood shed made right here in southwestern, VA. These sheds will not only easy your storage problems, they also make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. Trying to decide between a storage unit or a shed? Check out our rent-to-own options!

a frame shed for sale in va

A-Frame Wood Shed

The wooden A-Frame shed features rugged utility but in a beautiful sort of way. This outdoor shed was designed so the doors could be placed on either the side or the end to allow for the best access possible. It comes standard with double doors and two screened windows.

Prefab wood shed for sale in va

Barn Style Wood Shed

Built-in the classic wood barn shed design known and loved around the US, Barn Style prefab sheds are both functional and versatile. The Mini Barn offers straightforward storage on a budget. Our High Barn models feature walls up to 7 ½’ high in some sizes. The extra vertical space in this prefab wood shed means you get more cubic feet of storage with the same size of building footprint! Read our 12×24 Sheds to get an idea of ideal shed sizes.

red wood quaker shed by premier building solutions

Quaker Style Wood Shed

This quaker shed design is a lovely addition to any garden or backyard. With an 18” overhang above the door, its shape is similar to a run-in shed but fully enclosed. With shingle and metal roofing options available and a huge selection of color combinations to choose from, you’ll be able to create the outdoor shed of your dreams!

red new england backyard shed on a lot in va

New England Wood Shed

This is the elite prefab wood shed of the 21st century. The New England shed features screened windows with shutters and flower boxes. Double doors and a single door also come standard, with the option of transom windows on the doors. You can also choose metal or shingle roofing and painted or stained siding. This prefab wood shed is as good as you imagine it. Or better.

Key Features of the Prefab Wood Sheds

Upgrade To The Deluxe Model!

  • By upgrading to a deluxe structure we include an extra OSB sheeting in between the wood frame and wood siding.
  • All of our structures are built to provide storage space where you can store and organize your tools, supplies, equipment, etc. All prefab wood sheds come with this structural base.
  • Comparatively, if you plan to store many things, both options are great for backyard shed options but the increased durability of the deluxe model helps increase lifespan and can be a great selling point if you ever sell your property or your shed!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!