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Welcome to Premier Structures! We’re the source for storage sheds, prefab garages, horse barns, animal shelters, playsets, and outdoor furniture throughout southwestern Virginia, northern North Carolina, and beyond. With hundreds of items in stock and the ability to create almost any custom design you can imagine, there’s no need to settle for anything less than perfect!

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Metal Buildings — At the Heart of Premier Structures

At Premier Structures, we believe that the quality of the structures matters the most! We provide our customers the most-durable structures for their satisfaction for years to come! The quality of the materials, and the craftsmanship of the Amish & Mennonites merged together to serve you the best metal storage buildings in and around Southwest Virginia.

Our storage sheds for sale are not just typical metal structures. These structures are a combination of a wooden frame and heavy-duty siding produces a truly premier metal structure.

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Benefits of a Metal Structure:

  • Built with a wooden frame, you will still be able to install hangers, shelves, and other things easily to the inside of your building.
  • With a metal exterior, it will last longer compared to typical wood storage units!
  • Best-bang-for-the-buck! These buildings will cost less compared to structures with wooden siding.
  • Metal structures are easier to clean. It will be much easier to wash off any dust and dirt compared to structures with wooden siding.
  • Metal structures have a crisp and sharp look, which will increase the appeal of your property.

Why You Should Choose a Premier Metal Building

  • Our metal structures are wood-framed, which allows our customers to install their hangers, shelves, etc. easily.
  • Heavy-duty metal siding! We wrap the exterior of the building with a thicker layer of metal—extremely durable for outdoor conditions. Our metal siding weighs at least 2lbs per square foot, which is much more than the industry average.
  • As a proof of our heavy-duty metal siding buildings, we are backing it up with a 40-year guarantee!

Bonus: We have lots of upgradeable options like OSB Sheeting on studs which produces a more sound, temperature, and air-tight structure. 

Our Metal Buildings vs. the Competition

When you think of a metal structure, you might think of a building that is wood framed and wrapped with a thin layer of metal. But we don’t just cover the buildings with a thin layer of metal! Let’s read on to find out what makes Premier Structures unique.

As a leader of the industry, at Premier Structures, we are making sure that our customers are satisfied with their building’s quality. Most of our buildings come in two types: Economy and Deluxe.

Our economy structures are built to provide storage space where you can store and organize your tools, supplies, equipment, etc. Economy buildings come with the base of the structure. These buildings include siding, flooring, roofing, window, door, and vent options. It will provide you enough room to easily manage your things.

Our deluxe structures are an upgrade from our economy buildings. In addition to all of the economy features, deluxe structures come with a porch, ramp, skylight, shelving, workbench, shutter, and flower box. Custom accessories are also available.

We Provide Wood Structures As Well

Why you might want to choose wood building:

  • Our wooden structures have more color options. In addition to paint options, wooden siding allows for staining as well.
  • Wooden storage units are the best-possible structures to meet with HOA (Homeowner’s Association) requirements. (Not guaranteed).
  • Our wood structures are as durable as our metal structures.
  • Some folks just prefer the look of a wooden structure!
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There’s only one you. And there’s only one building that will perfectly meet the needs of your property. We believe everyone should be able to find the structure they’re looking for.

That’s why we offer virtually limitless customization of our horse barns, storage sheds, prefab garages and other buildings. From design to materials to colors – if you want it, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Here is an additional blog post to learn more about ideal sizes! Read our 12×24 Sheds to get an idea of ideal shed sizes.

Locals Serving locals

As natives of southwestern Virginia, we believe no one helps a neighbor better than a neighbor. We understand the things that matter to your home, your farm, and your family and we want to assist in providing and protecting them. Every building and product we sell is made in the USA and many are made only a few miles away from our locations. Let’s work together to support our local economy and support each other.

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Create Spaces That Satisfy

You want your home to be a space that strengthens the relationships you value. We want to help you do that. Whether it’s playtime with the kids or a sunset dinner with old friends, let’s highlight the things that matter most. Handcrafted playsets, custom gazebos, wooden porch swings, poly dining sets – whatever it takes to create the backyard of your dreams, we’re here to help you find it.