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As a dealer of NC Carports, Premier Structures offers a wide variety of metal carports to meet your individual needs. The pre-engineered galvanized steel framed structures are the perfect solution for covering your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else which needs protection from the unpredictable outdoor elements. All our buildings are constructed with 14-gauge galvanized steel frames (unless upgraded to 12-gauge) and 29-gauge metal roofing.

Which metal Carport Design Is Right for you?

Standard Carports

metal carports for sale in dublin va

Ranging in size from 12×21 up to 24×41, these metal carports are constructed with 14-guage galvanized steel framing, spaced 5’ on-center, and 29-gauge metal roofing. Anchoring is included in the base price. These carports are roughly equivalent in size to a one- or two-car garage.

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Triple wide Carports

From 26×21 up to 30×51, this is the budget alternative to a 3-car garage. Like the Standard Carports, this model uses 14-gauge galvanized steel for the frame and 29-gauge metal roofing. Anchoring is included in the base price.

Triple Wide Carport Quote
blue metal carports for sale

Commercial Grade Carports

A commercial carport for sale in Virginia

A full 2’ taller than the Standard and Triple Wide models, these metal carports are perfect for taller vehicles, tractors, etc. A wind/snow rating package is available as an add-on, with a 12-gauge metal frame, able to withstand winds up to 170mph and snow loads of 65 lbs./ft2. Commercial Grade units come in sizes from 32×21 to 40×51 and eave heights from 8’ to 16’.


RV Covers

This model is similar to our other metal carports, but much taller. Sizes are available from 18×21 to 30×51 with eave heights ranging from 14’ to 16’. Our metal RV covers are constructed with 14 gauge galvanized steel framing (12 gauge upgrade available) and 29 gauge metal roofing. 

metal carports for sale in virginia

Carport Garage Packages

A large metal carport for sale in Roanoke, Virginia

Our garage packages are much the same as our other carport designs, but by covering the walls with metal sheeting and adding a 36″x80″ walk door and garage door(s), a regular metal carport can become affordable fully enclosed vehicle storage. Garage packages come standard with 14 gauge steel framing (12 gauge upgrade available) and 29 gauge metal roofing. Base leg height is 9′ and sizes range from 12’x21′ to 30’x51′.

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Metal Carport Photos

white metal carport for sale in virginia
metal carports for sale in pulaski va
Three bay carport RV cover for sale in North Carolina and Virginia
interior of metal carports
metal carports for outdoor storage
double wide metal carports for sale in virginia
two car metal carports for sale in virginia
boat storage in portable garage and carport
portable garage and carports
metal carport and prefab garage
portable garage and carport for boats
portable garage and carport for sale

Metal Carports, Made in America

All the metal carports we sell are manufactured in the southeast United States by NC Carports. The order process begins through Premier Structures, an authorized NC Carports, Inc. dealer. Once you contact us, we will go over the specifics of what type and size of unit is needed, as well as pricing. You will place your order with us and make a down payment. From there, we will submit the order to NC Carports’ order processing department. When you buy a metal carport from Premier Structures, you’re supporting American workers and the US economy.


Free Carport Delivery

We know a vehicle storage structure like a carport is a big investment. Thankfully, delivery and installation are two things you won’t have to budget extra for when you buy a metal carport from Premier Structures. Delivery and installation are included in the price of every carport we sell (assuming your lot is ready and level). We deliver carports in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Wytheville, Bristol, and Bluefield, VA, as well as across state lines to Bristol,TN; Mt. Airy, NC; Princeton and Bluefield, WV and the surrounding areas. 


Customize Your Carport

We offer a variety of different metal carport designs. One common theme, though, runs across every model: customization. We’re happy to help you find and design the perfect carport for your intended use. Options include choosing from several roof designs, selecting a color combination, designing any necessary enclosed areas, and much more. Simply put, if you want your garage to include a specific feature, we will find a way to make it happen!

Like What You’re Seeing?

Which of these carport designs looks like something that would work well for you? We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get started towards building your own. To get your carport delivered to your door and installed at a price you can’t beat, get in touch with us today! Either give us a call or request a free quote below and we’ll be happy to discuss your garage ideas!