Outdoors Shed Buying Guide – Important Things To Consider Before Purchase

What Are The Best Outdoors Shed Styles 

There are a variety of outdoor shed styles that you can choose from. Shed styles vary from shed builder to different region. Some of the most attractive styles include barn sheds, quaker sheds, and a-frame sheds. 

Premier Structures offers a range of shed styles; we’ve listed some below so you can learn more.

Barn Style Outdoors Sheds

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The classic barn design prominent in the US is shown front and center with the Barn-Style Outdoors Shed. You can choose from our high barn or mini barn models. The extra vertical space means you get more cubic feet of storage for another building of the same size.

New England Outdoors Sheds

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The New England Outdoors Sheds are the most elite prefab wooden sheds of the 21st century. The New England was designed to make you feel like you’re in a cottage on Cape Cod for beauty, comfort, and functionality. It has its standard features of double doors and a single door, with options for transom windows on the doors. Treat yourself to the best with the New England Style Shed.

What Is The Best Material For Outdoors Sheds

When it comes to outdoor sheds, there are no one-size-fits-all options.  The best material for your shed will depend on how you plan on using your shed. It would also be wise to consider your region’s climate and environment before choosing your material. For example, if you live in a hot area, you might want to rethink choosing a material like metal. 

If you plan on converting your outdoor shed into a tiny home or living space, you might want to invest in a wooden shed because it is customizable. With such varying prices and a never-ending list of options on the market, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here are the 2 most popular materials used for outdoor sheds, along with their pros and cons:

Wooden Outdoor Shed

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Wood is the most traditional and classic choice for outdoor sheds, and for good reason. It’s strong, durable, and easy to work with. Not to mention, the curb appeal of wooden sheds tends to be more than that of metal sheds.  However, wood is also susceptible to rot and insect damage unlike metal sheds. This means more maintenance and upkeep. If you choose wooden materials for your shed, select a rot-resistant wood species and seal it with a waterproof finish.

Metal Outdoors Shed

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Metal sheds are gaining popularity due to their low maintenance requirements and modern beauty. They also tend to be more affordable than wood sheds. The only downside to metal sheds compared to wooden sheds is that they are less aesthetically pleasing. Metal sheds are the better, affordable option if you plan on using your outdoor shed for simple storage and nothing more. 

What Is The Best Finish For An Outdoors Shed

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The interior of an outdoor shed tends to overshadow the exterior, but what is the best finish for an outdoor shed? One option is to paint the shed. We offer various colors that customers can choose from so their shed can complement their home or property. Another option is to stain your shed and give it a more rustic and traditional look. Make sure you keep up with maintenance on your shed, especially if it’s wooden.

This will help to protect the wood from fading and cracking. Whichever option you choose, apply several finish coats to ensure long-lasting protection. With some care, your outdoor shed will provide years of dependable service.

Can I Connect Utility To My Outdoors Shed

Whether you plan on using your shed for storage, as a workshop, or as a home office, you may wonder if connecting utilities to your outdoor shed is possible. The short answer is yes; in most cases, connecting utilities like water, plumbing, and electricity to your shed is possible. However, there are some things to know before committing to such a big project. First, you will need to check with your local building code authority to see if there are any restrictions on connecting utilities to an outdoor shed. You might also have to check with your HOA if it applies to you.

Second, when you connect power and plumbing to your shed, this is a surefire way that local building code authorities know that you will be using your outdoor shed as a place to live. This means that your shed may be liable to property taxing. Once you have considered these factors, you can contact your local utility company to discuss the best way to make the connection. Check out the guide below for simple wiring to your shed.

Can I Convert My Outdoors Shed Into A Hobby Room

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A shed can be transformed into the perfect hobby room with some creativity. You should take your outdoor shed to the next level by converting it into a hobby room. Your shed does not have to be a simple storage unit!

To get started, consider what activities you enjoy and partake in. Do you like to paint or knit? Do you like working with wood or metal? Once you’ve decided on the hobby you want to pursue, start planning your space accordingly. If you are working with more extensive tools, ensure your shed can accommodate them. If you plan on using your shed as an office, ensure electricity and other utilities are connected. You might also want to install shelves or cabinets to organize your supplies. If your hobby involves loud tools or machinery, you might even want to soundproof your shed to avoid disturbing neighbors.

With a little effort, your shed can transform into the perfect space for pursuing your favorite hobbies.

Outdoors Sheds For Sale

For over a decade, Premier Structures has provided its community with hand-crafted, durable, and elegant outdoor structures! We believe in old-fashioned customer service and cater to your every need to ensure you get the outdoor shed of your dreams! To see our complete list of shed styles, click here. If you’d like a visual of what your shed could look like, click here to use our 3D Shed Builder, where you can customize every option and see your shed come to life in front of your eyes! If you’re ready to start, click here to fill out a quote. We can’t wait to serve you!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!