Buyer’s Guide to Prefab Dog Kennels in VA

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Prefab dog kennels in VA have been popular for many years now but the idealogy behind them has changed. Pet owners and shelters have stopped looking at these outdoor and indoor structures as a place to just keep pets. They’ve discovered how prefab dog kennels can benefit them. Some of these benefits are improved health, a sense of discipline, and a great training opportunity. Not only that but a well-built, high-quality dog kennel can be a little escape for your pups. Their own home that is warm, safe, and relaxing. 

What is a Prefab Dog Kennel?

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A prefab dog kennel is a house-like structure that can be made with wood or metal and encased with plastic, bars, or mesh. Because every customer’s needs are different, the style, shape, and size of every portable dog kennel are different. They are built mainly to give your pup an area to confine them that is safe and comfortable.

There are 2 main styles of dog kennels, indoor and outdoor. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll be talking about outdoor prefab dog kennels in VA, their purposes, and their benefits. The main difference between indoor kennels and outdoor kennels is that indoor kennels tend to be smaller whereas outdoor kennels are typically larger with enough space for dogs to move around.

Do Prefab Dog Kennels Have Enough Room? 

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Outdoor prefab dog kennels in VA provide plenty enough room for your dog to play or run. Besides, if it didn’t your dog would get easily bored and get into mischief. Since it’s not always possible or convenient to keep them on a leash, dog kennels are a lifesaver for a pet owner.

In cases like that, a dog kennel provides you with the perfect opportunity to keep your dog safe in its own space. Because of the amount of space our dog kennels offer, they can easily play, rest and sleep inside their kennel! There’s also plenty of room to keep pet amenities like toys, food, and water in the kennel. 

Are Prefab Dog Kennels Good?

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Yes! A prefab dog kennel in VA is the animal equivalent of a man cave or she shed. Prefab dog kennels will provide a safe and comfortable shelter for dogs. Not only that but our kennels can be enclosed with well-ventilated fencing so your dog receives the natural sunlight and fresh air it needs. The roofing is also built with your furry friend in mind, providing shade to protect your dog from excess heat or rain. 

In cases of training aggressive dogs and rehabilitating them, prefab dog kennels will also keep other small animals, family, and neighbors safe from the dog. Another problem that prefab dog kennels in VA can help solve is soil digging. If your dog digs your backyard up, not only are they making a mess, but they are also making themselves susceptible to harm from toxic plants in your garden. Having a dog kennel can help keep them confined and protected from harm.

How Much do Prefab Dog Kennels Cost?

Depending on how you plan to acquire your prefab dog kennel in VA, the price can vary. If you’re an experienced builder and you buy a DIY kit, the price will be different. An average cost for prefab dog kennels is anywhere between $1000-$8000. Material, add-ons, and size will affect the cost of your dog kennel. 

Are Prefab Dog Kennels in VA Profitable?

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At the moment, you might just be looking at prefab dog kennels in VA just for your own pets, but have you thought about the possibilities these outdoor structures offer you? If you’re an animal lover looking for a side job or even a full-time job, expanding your prefab dog kennel to run a doggy daycare facility might just be your calling. You can make a profitable business by helping your local community by taking care of their furry friends all while being surrounded by those cute dogs! So yes, if you decide to go down that route, a prefab dog kennel in VA is very profitable. 

Prefab Dog Kennels in VA

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Premier Structures has been committed to its community by providing them high quality, affordable and attractive outdoor structures for over a decade. This includes our top-of-the-line outdoor prefab dog kennels in VA. We know how important our pets are to us. In fact, they go above and beyond “pets”. They are family. They are lives that we are responsible for and that’s why Premier Structures knows the importance of providing our four-legged friends with their own little sanctuary. Our prefab dog kennels in VA give your dogs relaxation, freedom, and safety at an affordable price. Take a look at our line of dog kennels and request a free quote today!

What Materials are Prefab Dog Kennels In VA Built With?

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To give your dog the best experience and the highest comfort, we build our prefab dog kennels in VA with the highest quality materials as well as include a number of add-ons to adjust to your every need. Our prefab dog kennel in VA size options are anywhere from 6×12 to 12×24. Our styles include a barn-style roof or an A-Roof-style roof. We also include 2 resistant automatic doors for all of our kennels. Provide your dog with the best den and check out dog kennels here. 

Can Prefab Dog Kennels Be Bad for Dogs? 

When you use your prefab dog kennel responsibly and to your dog’s benefit, the rewards of an outdoor prefab dog kennel are unmatched. But just like anything in the world, kennels can be abused. Although benefits like providing your dog with his own “den”, giving him a safe and relaxing area, and having a training and timeout area are great, it is very easy to abuse dog kennels. If you plan on using your prefab dog kennel in VA as an additional doggy timeout area, you need to ensure that you don’t make it too regular of a habit or it will lose its effect as a positive place. 

Not only that but if you start relying too heavily on your kennel to doggy sit, it can start causing your pup’s physical and mental health to deteriorate. Imagine being left by yourself in a cage for hours and hours, no one would like that. Another issue is if you’ve adopted an older dog that has had negative kennel experiences in the past. In this situation, you’ll need to be gentle and patient with how you approach it.

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!