Shed Makeover Ideas

Does Your Backyard Shed Make You Cringe Every Time You Look Out From Your Kitchen Window?

wood shed makeover ideas
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Perhaps your shed was a “bonus” addition to the purchase of your house, however, it now looks respectably “100+ years old” …and unfortunately for your backyard aesthetics, it absolutely looks its age.

You may be all but ready to burn the thing down and of course you couldn’t be blamed, however, hope is on the horizon! Besides, if it’s metal, metal sheds aren’t the easiest to burn…

You are genius in giving your shed one last shot before its kindling because metal (and wood) shed makeovers have transformed the backyards of thousands, and your backyard and its eye sore could be next!

Ok, enough pictures of distressed old sheds!

Allow the following metal shed makeovers ideas, as well as some wooden ones too, inspire your own personal shed makeover.

metal shed restoration in virginia
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Ok, enough pictures of distressed old sheds!

Allow the following metal shed makeovers ideas, as well as some wooden ones too, inspire your own personal shed makeover.

steel sheds in virginia
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15 Stunning Metal ( and Wood) Shed Makeovers Ideas

Let’s begin by uncovering the repurposed sheds with 5 Inspiring categories.

  1. Purpose Driven Metal (Wood) Shed Makeover Ideas
  2. Paint Away the Rusty and Faded – Paintable Options
  3. Drastic Makeover Ideas – Complete Face Lifts
  4. Exterior Remodel Touches – Simple Addition Winners
  5. Metal (Wood) Shed Makeover Ideas Blogs

Let’s get to it!

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#1. Purpose Driven Metal (Wood) Shed Makeover Ideas

Turn Your Old Shed into a Mancave!

portable buldings in rural retreat va
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prefab storage buildings in dublin va
Photo Credit: athomewiththebarkers

If your shed is full of your man’s clutter, and not his favorite hobby, why not win his heart by doing a mancave shed makeover! For a full story of this old shed’s transformation into a stellar mancave check out  At Home with the Barkers for further inspiration!

Make Your Old Metal Shed into an Office Shed

sheds in dublin
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prefabricated sheds for delivery in virginia
Photo Credit: Hometalk

Do you need purpose with your old metal shed? How about this metal shed makeover idea? Turn your metal shed into a cozy, stylish, and efficient backyard home office!

Transform your Shed into a She-Shed

sheds for sale in virginia
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storage shed makeover ideas
Photo Credit: 2peasinapod

Before you toss your old shed out with frustration, transform your old shed into a haven of refreshment. Be inspired for your own personal she-shed by checking out how 2 Peas in a Pod designed this gorgeous and welcoming she shed out of their old shed.

Try an Inviting Potting or Craft Shed

portable sheds for sale in dublin
Photo Credit: farmhousemade
metal sheds for sale
Photo Credit: farmhousemade

With some spray-on paint to the interior of your old storage shed, some shelves, and décor, you have just turned your old shed into a potting or craft shed masterpiece. For this old shed’s full story and details on the makeover, check out Farmhouse Made.

#2. Paint Away the Rusty and Faded – Paintable Options 4 Shed Makeover

remodeling a prefab shed

Just a spray or a good rollover with reliable rust-resistant paint can do wonders! Never underestimate the transformative power of paint! Even on your rusty metal shed!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Choose Just One Color!

remodeling a metal storage shed in dublin va
Photo Credit: Nesting with grace
storage shed remodeling in dublin va
Photo Credit: Nesting with grace

If choosing from the thousands of available paint colors is overwhelming, just go for one color. That is exactly what Nesting with Grace did with her old beaten down shed. Black and only black. Of course, a couple of extra special touches like new white stones surrounding her shed’s base and a new flower box added below the window provides a perfect contrast to the solo color.

Makeover with Two Colors!

steel sheds remodeling rust off
Photo Credit: the quaint sanctuary
15 stunning shed makeover ideas
Photo Credit: the quaint sanctuary

Rusty old metal is far from attractive; however, it is easier than you think to give your old metal shed a complete makeover! If one color isn’t enough contrast, simply add one more as did the Quaint Sanctuary, and whalaa…you went from a crusty old metal shed to a striking and appealing shed.

Add 3 Colors & Fun Door Design

metal wood shed make over ideas blogs
Photo Credit: domesticimperfection
10x10 shed makeover ideas
Photo Credit: domesticimperfection

Go for a subtle third color as did Domestic Imperfection. You can see how she added a third color on the door of her shed makeover. Plus, with some carefully located tape, a creative design added a stylish flare to her simple, yet complete, old metal shed makeover idea.

Completely the Same Yet Absolutely New Color

12x12 sheds make over ideas
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12x16 sheds in dublin virginia
Photo Credit: onsuttonplace

Even more simple for a time-efficient paint decision is repaint your old shed with the exact same color. Yes, sometimes your old shed just needs a fresher look! … And a few repairs. On Sutton Place, gave her old shed a fresh face with the same color of paint and indeed it looks lovely. It can be that simple for your old metal or woodshed makeover.

#3. Drastic Makeover Ideas – Complete Shed Face Lifts

10x16 prefab sheds in virginia

More than just a coat or two of paint, let’s talk complete facelifts for those sheds out there who…well, desperately need one! Sometimes your old shed will need more than just a fresh coat of paint. Let’s draw inspirational ideas from the following drastic old metal (and wood) shed makeover ideas.

Photo Credit: Sweetlilyou

New Coat of Paint and New Window

14x16 portable sheds for delivery in dublin va
Photo Credit: beneathmyheart
16x16 storage sheds in dublin va
Photo Credit: beneathmyheart

If you feel your shed needs more than just a fresh coat of paint and a few repairs, consider what a brand-new window could do for your old shed’s looks. You might be pleasantly surprised! Check out how Beneath My Heart did her shed makeover, which looks a hundred times better with the addition of a brand-new window.

Drastically Simple – New Paint Job, New Repairs, New Lights, and New Lock

14x14 storage sheds
Photo Credit: anikasdiylife
small storage sheds in dublin va
Photo Credit: anikasdiylife

Ok, a complete facelift for your old shed doesn’t always have to be crazy drastic. Anikas DIY Life proves that a drastic shed makeover can sometimes just consist of a new paint job, getting rid of outdated hardware, and tackling much-needed repairs. However, by the end of the project, her shed still wears a completely new face.

DRASTIC Makeover – New Roof, New Walls, New Windows, New Door, New Paint

tiny storage shed in dublin va
Photo Credit: sweetlilyou
storage shed blogs in 2021
Photo Credit: sweetlilyou

If you were looking for ideas for a 100% old shed makeover, you have arrived. There is not a trace of the old shed’s creepy dysfunction in the new shed makeover.  In fact, there is basically no resemblance at all. Follow the incredible transformation of this shed by checking out Sweet Lil You.

Cover with Colorful Ceramic Tiles, Paint Door

This old metal shed makeover idea is one of the coolest! The transformation from boring old tin to colorful and decorative stone is nothing short of stunning. Learn more about this metal shed makeover idea by checking out Sustainable Gardening Austrailia for the whole low down!

New Paint, New Doors, New Exterior Décor

10x16 portable sheds blogs
Photo Credit: General Splendour
10x14 detached sheds in dublin va
Photo Credit: General Splendour

Old shed complete makeovers are a blast! Especially when you can have fun with it. The following shed facelifts required a brand-new paint job, and stunning new doors.

The addition of a “porch roof” and exterior ornaments truly transforms this old shed into something quite stunning. Discover this shed’s journey when you stop by General Splendour for the whole scoop!

Brand new doors and a new paint job did wonders for this darling shed makeover!

12x14 sheds
Photo Credit: thecardswedrew
affordable storage sheds in dublin va
Photo Credit: thecardswedrew

 Certainly, pulled the right card on this one, don’t you think?

affordable metal sheds

Turn an Old Metal Shed into a Rustic Beauty

The following shed truly was an old rusty metal shed. Believe it or not! If you are tired of metal and want a wooden look, you got it! The Instructables did just that and overlaid their old metal shed with natural wood for a complete old shed facelift. It is amazing how versatile old metal shed makeover ideas really are. For another metal shed turned rustic beauty check out the Southern Gardening Gal.

Photo Credit: Instructables

Complete New Paint job, New Window, and New Landscape

economical prefab storage sheds
Photo Credit: myrepurposedlife
rent to own storage sheds in dublin va
Photo Credit: myrepurposedlife

Wow! For metal shed makeover ideas, this one is remarkable. The metal shed underwent a complete makeover, with its new coat of paint and darling window and décor. However, the piece of this makeover that brought it all together was the charming new landscaping. Just remember the potential that lies around your shed to really bring your new shed makeover home! Catch the fun in this remodel by checking out My Repurposed Life

#4. Exterior Makeover Touches – The Simple Addition Winners

man cave she shed home office in dublin va
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If your shed’s paint, roof, door, and windows are in decent condition, yet you want to spice up your old shed’s appearance, try the following simple additions for an immediate upgrade on your old shed’s looks. Or incorporate these ideas as a part of your complete shed makeover.

Add Homemade or Store-Bought Shutters

rent to own prefab sheds in dublin va
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rent to own portable sheds
Photo Credit: lorimayinteriors

Just the addition of well-designed shutters offers your shed just that needed added touch. If you want to try DIY shutters, check out Lori May Interiors for a guide on making some easy and darling window shutters.

mancave sheshed home office in dublin va

Top Your Old Shed with a Charming Cupola

A cupola is the cherry atop any building and backyard sheds are no exception! For a classy and standout addition to your shed makeover include one of these charming cupolas.

Photo Credit: Cupolas & More

Perfect Place for a Pergola

A fun and inviting way to spruce up your old shed is to attach a pergola to its side. Perfect for picnics and growing vines and other plants through its latticed roof. Choose your favorite pergola now!

prefab sheds for sale in virginia

Fasten Some Adorning Ornaments

You can always fasten some pretty adornments to your shed for an easy, yet beautifying finishing touch.

Photo Credit: garage.xpin

Need More Visible Inspiration?

Check out these Shed Makeovers in action for further inspiration and enjoyment! The more metal shed makeover ideas the better!

#5. Complete List of Old Shed Makeover Blogs

storage sheds for sale in virginia

Want a Brand-New Shed Makeover Beginning?

Perhaps your old shed truly needs to be laid to rest a.k.a. dumpster donated. Or perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of trying to salvage your old shed…If so, no need to feel any guilt over investing in a new shed.

portable sheds for sale

A new shed is basically a clean white sheet of paper ready for a personal makeover on day 1!  Or…however long you need to dream, plan, and gather your ideal makeover materials. This is exactly what happened to the Crowned Goat…check out her ideas for a brand new metal shed makeover.

Get Your New Metal (or Wood) Shed from Premier Structures Today!

home office man cave free quote for a portable storage shed in dublin va

No need to feel overwhelmed another second longer! All the best experiences of a shed makeover can be yours from day one.

With the purchase of a skillfully crafted and quality built shed from Premier Structures, your shed makeover will last a lifetime! Check out 5 fabulous benefits of a wood-framed metal shed.

You have what it takes to turn your shed into your dream environment.

Discover your dream metal (or wood) shed from Premier Structures right now!

Your new shed awaits your fabulous creativity and touch! Never underestimate the power of your imagination!

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