5 Options To Look At For The Best Storage Shed

The Process of Buying the Best Storage Shed

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Finding the best storage shed should not have to be a difficult process. There are so many considerations and so many options to research and look through that it can become an overwhelming task. The best storage shed can be a pretty big investment and it’ll be an outdoor structure that you’ll be relying on for at least 15 to 20 years. 

To help you make the most of your hard-earned money we’ve created a blog post so you can consider the most important options when buying a storage shed. We’re also answering the questions you need to know the answers to in order to make the best outdoor shed purchase decision. So read on to find out how you can make your shed buying journey easy, simple and affordable!  

Material Options

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The two most popular materials used for the best storage sheds and the ones you’ll see again and again are metal and wood storage sheds. Now, these material options may seem like they don’t make a big difference, but the choice of a shed’s material determines a lot about price, customization, and design. Metal sheds and wooden sheds have different advantages, here are 3 of the top pros that each type of shed material offers

Wood Storage Sheds

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Traditional – Using wood is the most traditional way to build a shed. Because of its look, versatility and strength, it’s one of the most popular options for storage sheds. When you think about a shed, you most likely think of a wooden one. Lumber has been used for shed building for a long time and that is because of its reliability. Wood is also environmentally friendly and can be reused and that’s always a bonus! 

Insulation – One of the biggest pros of choosing wood as your material is that it is a great insulator. If you plan to use your shed as a workshop or a place to tinker on your hobbies, wood is a great option as it resists the outside temperatures which makes spending time in your shed a lot more pleasant. 

Customization – The last pro of a wooden shed is that the customization is endless. If you want the color to blend a certain way, or maybe you want it stained. There are also a lot more siding, trim, and roofing options. Choosing wood as a material also grants you leniency in making additions later on.

Metal Storage Sheds

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Durability – Metal Storage Sheds are known to be incredibly long-lasting. Unlike wood, metal will not rot or be affected by heat, excess sunlight, and cold temperatures. Since metal is also coated in vinyl or galvanized, you can expect the metal to look good for years to come. 

Maintenance – Following up with the last pro, a metal shed also requires little to no maintenance. You won’t have to worry about paint chipping off, sanding, or pest control like wooden sheds. The only type of maintenance that you’ll have to deal with is rust and corrosion which can be easily fixed. 

Price – With its long-lasting nature and its low maintenance, a metal shed are already a great option but another bonus is that they are a very budget-friendly option. It’s a true “bang-for-your-buck” item. This is because metal sheds can be created using fewer materials as well as being easier to build. 

After looking at the benefits of both materials, it all comes down to your choice. Although metal sheds are not as expensive and don’t require as much maintenance as wooden ones, they’re not as customizable and aesthetically pleasing. So if you’re a real stickler about looks and have a bigger budget, a wooden shed would best suit your needs. If you’re looking for a simple shed on a budget, that won’t require too much maintenance, a metal shed is your best option.  

Best Storage Shed Size

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Once you’ve determined the right material for your storage needs, the next step is considering the size of the storage shed. Depending on what you’ll be using yours for, this option can vary. If you want a workshop with plenty of space for your tools, a bigger shed like a 14×24 is for you. If you’re strictly going to use your shed for equipment and tool storage you can probably get away with just a 10×12 sized shed. If you really want to be more precise you can measure your equipment and get a more accurate estimate. 

Designs for the Best Storage Shed

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Now with the material and sizing options being over with, we can get into the design aspect of the best storage sheds. 

Although their main purpose is for storing things away, the appearance of your shed is almost as important as functionality. You can have your storage shed complement the style of your home. Whether you have a farmhouse or a modern home, our shed customization options can complement any home. Siding options, trim options, and roof options are just some of the ways you can make your shed have a beautiful look that’ll make your friends and family jealous. 

The interior options of your storage shed depends a lot on what its use is going to be. You might have plans to use it as a workshop or a place to tinker on hobbies. In which case a workbench, shelves and an overhead loft can be very beneficial. You can even get a partition wall to section off different areas of your storage shed if you plan on having different functions for it. 

If you don’t plan on spending too much time in your shed, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and not customizing the interior. You can use your shed for its most basic functionality which is storage. Just throw your garden, pool and lawn equipment in there and call it a day. 

No matter what you choose to do with your shed interior, it will serve its purpose. Give you extra space and help with organization. 

Do I Need A Shed Foundation?

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The last 2 things you need to think about are shed placement and where to put your shed foundation. Yes, you absolutely need a shed foundation for your shed. Now most wooden sheds usually have some sort of standard plywood flooring. But metal sheds are different in that they typically don’t offer a floor or sell it separately. Regardless of floor accessibility, the best thing you can do is to install your shed on a foundation that’ll keep it off the soil and wet ground. 

For your wooden shed you should be using a gravel shed foundation. Gravel shed pads are pretty easy to install. The gravel allows water to safely drain away from your wooden shed. This extends the life of your shed and prevents rot from setting in. You can either install your own gravel shed foundation or have a professional company do it for you. 

For your metal storage shed you want to be using a concrete shed pad foundation. A concrete shed pad should be installed with special shed wall anchors so that you can anchor your metal shed walls to your shed foundation. It is so important that your concrete shed foundation be installed perfectly level. A concrete shed pad can be installed by you or a professional, it just depends on how comfortable you are installing a shed pad foundation. 

Where Should I Place My Shed?

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The size of your storage shed will affect where you can place your storage shed. If you have a wooden shed that is more susceptible to rot from hotter weather, you might want to place your storage shed in an area under trees and shade (assuming that you have shade trees in your yard/on your property). This way, you would get the most out of your shed in the long run. If you own a metal shed, you won’t have to worry too much about weather so placing it in an area with high exposure won’t be a problem. 

Choosing the most level spot of ground that your shed and shed foundation will fit on in your yard is also important. 

Choosing an area of your property that doesn’t see an excessive amount of water runoff or standing water when it rains is also a good idea. If you have areas in your yard that water pools when it rains or that are natural channels for rainwater runoff, avoid those. That much water on a regular basis can erode your shed pad foundation and cause your storage building to settle in an uneven manner. Then you may have to relocate the entire building and nobody wants to do that.

Best Storage Sheds from Premier Building Solutions

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Here at Premier Building Solutions, we strive to give our customers quality-built, elegant and affordable barns, sheds, carports, and more. We want our hard-working customers to be able to work with professionals so they can receive the best service possible, and receive quality products with price tags that won’t break the bank. 

We’ve been doing our best to reach this goal for over a decade and hope that you trust us to deliver you your dream shed! Feel free to look through our sheds, garages, carports, and fine outdoor furniture and find the perfect outdoor structure for you. You can get a free quote and support from our team to reach your storage goals today!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!