Wooden Garages

Protect Your Vehicle

Are you in need of a place to provide shelter for your vehicles and/or equipment? Our wooden garages can make a nice addition to your home giving you the shelter you need for your vehicles as well as providing additional storage space. Wooden garages come with a distinct set of differences compared to its metal counterparts. Wooden garages can be used for a variety of reasons because of its wooden structure. Not to mention, wooden garages offer a nice aesthetic appeal to your home because of its natural look. Check out our wooden garages for sale today to see what fits your needs best.

A beautiful, green-colored wooden garage beside the woods.

Advantages of Premier Wooden Garages:

  • Wooden garages can be aesthetically pleasing to your home. The natural look of wood can add a nice curb appeal.
  • Wooden garages are eco friendly since they don’t release toxic fumes into the air during their construction because they are made of wood.
  • Wood is biodegradable and so when your wooden garage is no longer any use to you, it can easily be repurposed into other ways.
  • Wooden garages are customizable. You can paint your garage whatever color you like or you could even stain the wood for a more natural but classy look.
  • Wooden Garages can be easily fixed, for example if one part of wood is rotting you can simply replace that piece with another piece instead of replacing an entire side of your garage.

Liking what you hear? Get started on designing your wooden garage today!

Design wooden Garage


Metal garages can offer a wide variety of benefits to you as compared to their wooden counterparts. Here are three important reasons that you may have not considered for why you should consider purchasing a metal garage. 

  1. MULTI FUNCTIONAL– Wooden garages are designed in such a way that they can be multi-functional. Its wooden frame and natural insulation creates opportunities for additional uses besides just providing shelter for your vehicle.
  2. NATURAL INSULATOR– Wood is an organic material made up of hollows and air pockets, therefore allowing it to work as a good natural insulator.
  3. EASILY FIXED– Wood parts can easily be replaced with another wood part in a wooden garage. Therefore, saving you money by helping you avoid costly replacements with possible.

Wooden GARAGE Types

We offer a variety of wooden garage types including both single car and double car. Our wooden garages can be customized to fit your exact needs by clicking the “Customize Wooden Garage” button. Otherwise, feel free to check out our other wooden garages. 

Customize Wooden Garage
A gray single car wooden garage in the woods.

wooden Single-Car Prefab Garage

We have a variety of single car wooden garages for sale. Our single car wooden garages can be shipped and installed onto your property. Wooden garages are a space efficient option for providing shelter for your vehicle as well as additional storage space. Exterior options include a wood exterior and framing. Roofing options can include metal or shingles. Check out our metal single car prefab garages by clicking the button below.

Wooden single-car prefab garage

wooden Doublewide Prefab Garage

Our doublewide wooden garages for sale offers space to provide shelter for two vehicles, as well as can be used to store additional items. Our doublewide prefab garage is constructed off property and then delivered to your property. Wooden garages can make a great asset to your home, increasing its value. Exterior options are wood with wood framing. Roofing options can include metal or shingles. Check out our doublewide wooden prefab garages today!

wooden doublewide prefab garage
A doublewide wooden garage next to the woods in Virginia.

metal Prefab Garages, Built With Care

All the metal carports we sell are manufactured in the United States by NC Carports, while all of our prefab garages are hand-crafted with integrity by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. Using high-quality materials, time-honored construction techniques, and good old hard work, they make each building something to be admired. We’re proud to put our names behind every prefab garage we sell. And when you buy a prefab garage from Premier Structures, you can know that you’re supporting American business and the US economy.


Free Prefab Garage Delivery

We know a prefab garage is a big investment and we want to help in any way we can. That’s why we provide free delivery of any garage within 50 miles of our location. Beyond the first 50 miles, it’s a simple per mile fee. We deliver prefab garages in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Wytheville, Bristol, and Bluefield, VA, as well as across state lines to Bristol,TN; Mt. Airy, NC; Princeton and Bluefield, WV and the surrounding areas. 


Customize Your Prefab Garage

Our different styles of prefab garage are built using a variety of styles, designs, and building techniques. One common theme, though, runs across every model: customization. Whether you’re trying to match the look of your existing home or create the perfect accent, we have nearly limitless options available to help achieve that goal. Exteriors are available in metal, vinyl, and a wide variety of wood sidings. Roofing materials include architectural shingles and metal, to name the most common ones. Windows, garage doors, lofts, cupolas, lean-tos, vents – the list goes on and on. Simply put, if you want your garage to include a specific feature, we will find a way to make it happen!

Ready For Your Garage?

Having a prefab garages make provides excellent shelter for you vehicle as well as additional storage space. Not only that, but that increase the value of your home therefore giving you a return on your investment. All of these things makes prefab garages worth the investment. Get started today on getting a quote for your own prefab wooden garage.