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Sometimes, a small shed does not provide enough space for our needs. So what is the solution for this? Large sheds! Large sheds are pretty self-explanatory, they are sheds that are on the bigger side. Large sheds are for homeowners who want, not just more space for storage, but also a space they can use beyond that. Buying a larger shed can be a big investment, and who doesn’t want their investment to make a good return?

In this blog, we’ll discuss every aspect you should consider before buying a large shed. From materials, size, styles, installation, foundation, and maintenance. 

Large Sheds Materials

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There are a variety of options that you can choose from when you’re in the market for a large shed. If you’re building your own shed, you can theoretically make it from any material you want, but most shed builders will allow you to choose from 3 main materials. Those are wood, metal, and plastic. Of course, all of these materials will provide you with the basic structure but there are advantages and disadvantages to each option. Let’s go through some.

Wooden Large Shed

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Wooden sheds are the most popular option when it comes to choosing materials. This is because they provide the buyer with a classic and traditional appearance while keeping all of its versatility. They can be easier matched to aesthetically fit your home’s exterior and are easier to insulate. Wooden large sheds are also easier to customize since wood is easier to work with and more malleable compared to other materials.

Adding extra windows, doorways, vents, and other exterior options is a breeze. The downside to wooden sheds is that they require regular maintenance which can be hard to keep up with if you live a busy lifestyle. They are susceptible to rot so coating the wood regularly and keeping it dry will be an extra hassle. They are also more expensive compared to the other materials. 

Metal Large Sheds

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Metal sheds are right behind wooden sheds in popularity. Metal is a well-known and popular material in the shed-building industry because of its durability, and low maintenance requirements. Their durability isn’t just in their lifespan, they are also highly resistant to insects, fire, and rot. If you’re planning to use your shed more frequently as a man cave, she shed, or workshop, there are some downsides. For one, during rainy weather, it can get loud with the rain hitting the metal. Another downfall is that metal sheds don’t offer as much insulation. 

Plastic Large Sheds

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Plastic sheds are a more niche option if you’re interested in a storage solution but they still get the job done! They are known for extremely low-maintenance requirements, and resistance to rust, insects, and rot. They are the most affordable option and will provide you with what you essentially need… storage. The downside to plastic large sheds is that they can be flimsy. If you don’t purchase your shed from a reputable supplier, you’re bound to get bad quality.

Although this can be said for any type of product, a shed is a big investment and you should make sure you get the quality you deserve. Another problem that plastic large sheds can face is a lack of insulation. 

Large Shed Sizes

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Although there is a wide variety of shed sizes, they typically are considered to be “large sheds” when you get around the 12×20 range. Thinking about it in a different way, that is about 200 square feet of space. Similar to the size of a smaller studio apartment. Large sheds only get bigger from there on. The only limit is your imagination. If you’re building your large shed yourself, you’ll obviously be able to control all aspects of it. If you’re buying your shed from a builder, they tend to have a cap for their regular sheds. If you contact them, you might be able to put in a custom-size order that’s larger. 

Wood Large Sheds For Sale

Wood Quaker Large Sheds

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The quaker design is unique in its look. With it’s offset roof design and it’s 18’ overhang, the quaker is similar in looks to a run-in shed, but fully enclosed. Our quaker shed comes with a screened window on each side of the doors to give your building ample natural lighting. 

Large New England Sheds

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Our New England Large Sheds are designed to resemble a cozy cottage in Cape Cod. New England has some of the most recognizable building styles in the country. Classy and sophisticated, the New England is a stunner and is the standard for modern luxury large sheds.

Our New England Large Sheds are designed to resemble a cozy cottage in Cape Cod. New England has some of the most recognizable building styles in the country. Classy and sophisticated, the New England is a stunner and is the standard for modern luxury large sheds.

Where To Place A Large Shed

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A general view of a back garden with artificial grass, grey paving slab patio, flower bed with plants, timber fences, blue shed, summer house garden timber outbuilding, generative ai

This seems pretty simple enough right? I mean you just pick a spot in your backyard and then place your shed there. Well, it can be more complicated for that. Of course, in theory, it could be that simple but if you live in a neighborhood that has a HOA or stricter rules, you will want to check in to see what their conditions are.

For example, they might want your shed a specific distance from fencing or if it’s too flashy they might not want it at all. Aside from rules though, you will want to place your shed on an optimal surface. Placing it on a low spot can cause water to build under it and your shed will wear out faster. You can solve this with a good foundation (more on that later.) 

Large Shed Styles

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Everywhere you turn, you’ll see different shed styles. Each shed builder has different variations and that’s not even including shed kits or full DIY sheds. If you choose to buy your shed, you will have to choose from the options that the builder offers. These days, b that make sheds look great on any property.

If you choose to buy a shed kit, you will also see a variety of options. Fully building your shed gives you the most flexibility in terms of design. At the end of the day, you’re the one choosing the shed plans, and materials. You could make it into anything you want. 

Large Shed Foundations

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As I mentioned earlier in the blog, shed foundations can help defer damage and wear and tear on your shed. Shed foundations play a crucial role in the protection and can help increase the longevity of your shed. Now it’s not a necessity. You are not required by any sort of law to include a foundation for your shed. In fact, you can even get away with no foundation with smaller sheds. But we highly, and I mean HIGHLY recommend a foundation, especially for larger sheds. Larger sheds are already heavier than other sheds, and that’s without all the things that will be in them. Putting it on grass can cause it to sink into the ground over time, causing it to become unlevel. 

Best Shed Foundation For Large Sheds

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Ok, so I’ve made my point about shed foundations. But what is the best shed foundation for your large shed? We recommend a gravel foundation. This type of foundation is far better than other options and has many advantages. For one, it provides the best drainage compared to other options. This will help protect the runners and joists under your shed from decaying or rotting.

It also provides better support for your shed, which you will need with a more oversized shed. It can distribute the weight way more evenly across all parts of the frame. Because of all these reasons and more, we recommend a gravel shed foundation. To get a better idea of gravel foundations and for more in-depth information, you can check out this article from Site Prep

Metal Large Sheds For Sale

A-Frame Large Metal Shed

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The deluxe A-Frame metal shed is one of our most popular options! The A-Frame is one of the most common and traditional shed styles. It’s a wooden framed shed with high-quality metal siding. With an improved interior, you’ll have a stronger and more appealing look to the interior of your shed. It is available with a variety of different customization options like finish, roof, doors, and more.

Barn Metal Large Shed

barn metal large shed

A barn style building is a perfect option if you want a rural, classic, and farmhouse style shed in your backyard. With our metal siding, we give the traditional barn look a more modern feel. Built in southwest Virginia, using only the highest quality materials, each of our barn metal large sheds are a work of art that will complement your backyard! 

Large Shed Maintenance Checklist

No matter what material, size, or finish you choose for your shed, proper maintenance is essential to keep your shed in good condition. Some sheds will require less maintenance but at the end of the day, all sheds need some sort of maintenance.

There are a few areas that are important to inspect. These areas include:

  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Doors
  • Floor
  • Foundation

These areas are the most susceptible to damage and should be checked regularly. 

So what else can you do to investigate your shed?

  1. Check for leaks and breaks
  2. Check for pests and rodents
  3. Examine shelves and workbenches
  4. Reorganize tools and equipment
  5. Wash Your Shed
  6. Repaint Siding
  7. Treat The Wood (if applicable)
  8. Check For Rust or Mold

Large Prefab Shed Builders In Virginia

Premier Structures provides sheds of all sizes to the people of Virginia. For over a decade, our experience and craftsmanship has led to many solved storage problems and countless gorgeous storage buildings. Whether you need a shed for simple storage, or for a larger purpose, we have the tools necessary to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We offer you countless ways to customize your shed to your liking. Customize every aspect by using our 3D Shed Builder and see your shed come to life digitally. If you’re ready to purchase, you can fill out a free quote request here and get started!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!