What Is the Difference Between A Pole Barn Garage and A Carport Garage?

carport garage vs pole barn garage 2021
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Are you needing reliable vehicle or equipment protection? Have your valuable pieces of metal lived through one too many rainstorms, blizzards, or hailstorms? Or perhaps you just bought a snazzy antique or a slick Tesla. Either way, it is time to think about adequate vehicle protection!

Way to go! You just did the hardest part of the investigation process, narrowing down your options to either A or B. In this case, it is either a Pole Barn Garage or a Carport Garage.

Which is better? You are about to find out! Enjoy understanding what a Pole Barn Garage has to offer you, as well as the alternative, the Carport Garage.

Let’s get started!

pole barn garage vs carport garage

What Is A Pole Barn Garage?

A pole barn garage is constructed using post-frame construction. The garage is erected by combining large poles (buried deep in the ground) and girts to guarantee a well-supported and reliable structure ready to protect your vehicles.

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How to Build A Pole Barn Garage?

Perhaps you are an experienced DIYer or seasoned with construction skills. If so, building a pole barn garage could be your solution. However, you might want to consider the following, especially if you have beginner construction skills or knowledge.

To build a long-lasting Pole Barn Garage, you will need the following, no exception.

  • Construction Skills
  • Time
  • The Right Equipment
  • Patience

If you got the above necessities, then check out 4 Tips for Building a Pole Barn Garage.

Without the above essentials, going DIY for your Pole Barn Garage will surely offer you more than just a new building opportunity, it will leave you with frustration and a headache. Period. Even though Pole Barn Garage’s design is one that combines efficiency and flexibility, it still requires a lot of work and construction knowledge.

However, purchasing a Pole Barn Garage or Carport Garage provides you with a professionally crafted garage which you can rely on for full protection for your vehicles…or?

Pole Barn Garage Uses

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Pole Barn Garages provide a reliable space for your prized vehicles. However, they are certainly not limited to just your hot rods and lawn or hobby equipment.

Here are some of the other popular uses for a Pole Barn Garage.

Metal Carport Garages
Your Best Alternative to Pole Barn Garages

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Now it is time to consider Pole Barn Garage’s “friendly” competitor, the Carport Garage. While Pole Barns offer a more affordable route to the traditional stick-built garage, they are not your only option! Metal Carport Garages offer you another affordable route!

What is a Carport Garage?

Perhaps you still have a bit of confusion surrounding the definition of a Carport Garage. If so, let’s clearly answer, what is a Carport Garage?

A Carport Garage is a carport with fully enclosed walls covered with metal sheeting and usually comes with a walk door and garage doors. Thanks to its well-constructed enclosed walls, a carport garage provides full and reliable protection.

Learn more about What is a Carport Garage!

Carport Garage Uses

how much is a carport garage

If you are still struggling to detach a cheap-looking metal carport with no sides from your imagination, remember, carport garages are fully enclosed! Thanks to carport garages being fully enclosed they offer you a variety of similar uses to Pole Barn Garages!

  • Vehicle Protection
  • Agriculture Equipment Shelter
  • Hay Storage Building
  • Barn
  • Living Space
  • Storage

Check out how this man used a garage and turned it into a living space. You can do the same thing with a Carport Garage!

How Much Does a Carport Garage Cost? $$$

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Often, you will have to go big or go home with a Pole Barn Garage. With Carport Garages, a size customization is an option! Check out the following prices for our smaller Carport Garages and get an idea of the cost of a Carport Garage. Remember, a size customization is always an option with Carport Garages!

Here are some popular Carport Garages sizes and their prices.

A 12×16 Carport Garage is $5,935.

A 12×32 Carport Garage is $8,705.

A 14×20 Carport Garage is $8,170.

A 14×36 Carport Garage is $11,755.

Which is the Right Garage for You?
A Pole Barn Garage or a Carport Garage?

The bottom line of carport garages and pole barn garages really comes down to the end goal for your garage. If you are on the hunt for reliable car protection, the Carport Garage will not disappoint. If you are looking for an extra-large garage space, then the Pole Barn Garage might be your answer.

If your interest is piqued by the Carport Garage, check out the following frequently asked questions along with their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Carport Garages

How to Get A Free Quote?

Getting a free quote is easier than you might have thought, our quote form is available on the right corner of our home page. Since you asked, check it out here as well! Free Quote Form

How to Design My Carport Garage?

We provide you with a virtual 3D Builder where you can dream and design your ideal carport garage! Check it out! 3D Builder

Does Premier Structures Service My Location?

We offer services throughout all the fine states of Virginia, such as Max Meadows, Dublin, Hillsville, and more! Learn more about the areas we serve by checking out the following link. Areas We Serve

Does Premier Structures Offer Financing?

A. Yes, both Rent-to-Own and Traditional Financing is available to you. Check out our Rent-to-Own page for more information about both. Rent-to-Own

Do I Need Permit for Carport Garage?

Yes, our Carport Garages do need a permit since they are just as functional as any stick built or Pole Barn Garage.               

Discover the Right Carport Garage for You and Your Needs

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When you partner with Premier Structures for you Carport Garage, you receive a quality and long-lasting structure for your car, storage, or equipment. Premier Structures is equipped to empower you in your garage buying venture.

Enjoy discovering the right Carport Garage for you!