Potting sheds are small structures, usually located in a backyard garden, where plants are grown and potted. It differs from a greenhouse as the structure is not made with transparent walls and roofing. It typically contains shelves or benches for holding pots, soil, and other gardening supplies. While potting sheds can be simple structures, it can also be quite elaborate, depending on how advanced of a gardener you are. Potting sheds are an important tool for any gardener who wants to have a successful garden.

It provides a space to pot and care for plants, as well as store all of the necessary supplies. By having everything in one place, a gardener can save time and stay organized. An added benefit of a potting shed is that it can protect plants from harsh weather conditions and pests. By creating a controlled environment, a potting shed can help ensure that your plants thrive. 

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Will My Plants Get Enough Light In A Potting Shed

With the potting shed’s structural design being so different from a greenhouse, many gardeners are left wondering if their plants will get enough light in their potting shed. A greenhouse is superior in letting in more natural light due to its transparent walls and roofs, so as long as the sun is up, your plants will get the light they need. How does a potting shed compete? Well first, regardless of structure, you should try and place your potting shed at a spot in your backyard where it will get the most sunlight. 

In addition to this, you can make up for the lost natural light with full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs which are a good option, as they provide light that is similar to sunlight. Another possibility is to install grow lights, which are specifically designed for plants. Whatever type of lighting you choose, make sure to get enough light bulbs to adequately illuminate the entire shed. By taking the time to plan for adequate lighting, you can ensure that your potting shed will be a bright and cheerful place to work and can compete against a greenhouse. 

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Will My Potting Shed Last?

One of the greatest strengths of potting sheds is that they are more durable than greenhouses. Depending on what region you live in, you might experience more earthquakes and other environmental hazards. With greenhouses being built out of glass or plastic, they are more vulnerable to damage from high winds. When it comes to potting sheds, they are built with sturdier material, typically wood, that will provide better protection for your plants. Potting sheds do a great job of protecting against hard impacts and have better stability. 

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How Much Do Potting Sheds Cost?

When you’re in the market for a backyard structure like a potting shed, it’s important to consider your budget and make the right purchase. So it’s totally normal to ask yourself, what would be the cost of a potting shed? While there is no one certain price for all potting sheds, if you look at all of your options, you will come to find that on average, you will see that a potting shed will go from $4000 to $7000 dollars. These prices can vary based on the size of the shed and the number of windows and other add-ons you add. 

Greenhouses are offered at a cheaper price but you are sacrificing that structural integrity with the greenhouse being made out of glass. If your region has milder climates and you are confident that environmental hazards won’t be a reoccurring issue, a greenhouse might be the best option for you. 

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How Will A Potting Shed Perform In Colder Temperatures 

Another benefit to potting sheds compared to greenhouses is that the material they are built from stands up to colder weather a lot better. When temperatures inevitably drop during the winter, your greenhouse and plants will be susceptible to damage from the cold. This is because the walls of your greenhouse that are made from glass or plastic will not be able to retain heat too well. A potting shed wins in this category due to the fact that wood is a way better insulator than glass. Combined with the proper lighting sources, using a potting shed means that you could grow plants year-round. 

If you have a home in a colder region of the United States, it would be a good idea to invest in potting sheds to act as a buffer between the environment and your plants. 

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What Can I Fit In A Potting Shed?

A potting shed is great to store plants in, but what else can you store in a potting shed? Well, this is actually one of the many advantages of the potting shed. Where a greenhouse only leaves you with enough space to store just your plants, a potting shed gives you the luxury to also store equipment, tools, and any other garden-related things. Instead of having to haul everything out to your greenhouse, you can enjoy the simplicity of having it out there already. This streamlines your gardening duties and makes it easy to enjoy your hobby. 

In terms of how many pots you can fit in a potting shed, this will vary based on the size of your shed. If you buy one of the most popular sizes, the 10×12 shed, you can expect around 120 sq ft of space. If you measure your potts, and other equipment, you can make an educated guess on how much you can fit in your potting shed. 

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