How To Use a Prefab Dog Kennel For Crate Training

What is Crate Training with Prefab Dog Kennels?

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Crate training’s official definition is “the process of teaching a pet to accept a dog crate or cage as a familiar and safe location. Prefab Dog Kennels for Crate Training are great to familiarize your dog. It’s important to introduce your pets to this type of training because it comes in handy during everyday life for them. Especially when they need a break from a bustling household or when they just need a familiar place to rest. So what does crate training help do? Crates can help your dogs comfort themselves when you don’t have the time, and deal with anxiety. Some added benefits are helping dogs learn housekeeping rules and providing them with proper potty training. 

Is Crate Training With a Prefab Dog Kennel Cruel?

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The preconceived notion that crate training is cruel makes a lot of people refuse to implement it for their dogs. Whereas the truth is far from this. If done properly, crate training can be a highly effective management tool that can be a lifesaver for dog owners. Just like anything in this world, crate training can be abused but if you’re responsible and apply best practices, using a crate at the right times can help with important goals like house training, preventing bad behavior, and teaching your dog to calm down. 

Can Crate Training With a Prefab Dog Kennel Hurt a Dog?

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No. Crate training cannot hurt a dog physically. But it’s good to remember that every dog is different. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and other illnesses will not do as well with crate training as other dogs. If you teach your dog to love its crate, it can become a private and safe place, as a bedroom would be for a child. Using positive reinforcement is very effective and can teach your dog to love its crate fast. Learning to love its crate can also teach your furry friend that its crate is a safe haven and that he won’t be bothered there. It’s actually a natural wild instinct for a dog to be in a den, and that is why most dogs take to crates very easily.

How Does Crate Training With a Dog Kennel Work?

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Crate training can help a dog in lots of different areas of behavior. The most simple and important thing it does is give your dog a safe place. Just like humans, your pup has feelings and emotions. They get stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed just like us. Proper crate training can give them a safe place to go when they are feeling these kinds of emotions. If you also have the proper-sized crate, your dog’s natural instincts kick in. This means that they will not make a mess where they sleep which helps with bladder and bowel control.

When Should I Start Crate Training With a Prefab Dog Kennel?

Although every dog is different, most studies and experts agree that starting to use prefab dog kennels for crate training sooner rather than later is better for your dog. About 8 weeks or so is the best option for most puppies. The adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is true here. Younger dogs will be more susceptible to learning and appreciating crate training so if you have a puppy, you’ll have an easier time with the training. For more help with crate training and to get a better understanding, check out the video below from an experienced dog trainer explaining it! 

Why Should I Crate Train My Dog With a Prefab Dog Kennel?

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Crate training your pups is not only beneficial to your furry friends but even more for you. A prefab dog kennel also makes this process easier for everyone. First, let us talk about why you should be crate training in general. Crate training will benefit young dogs the most. It will keep them safe when you’re not able to supervise them. Because at those ages you’re worried about housebreaking rules and potty training, crates are a massive help. Dogs will instinctively try to keep their sleeping area clean. This reasoning is why crates are so great for potty training. Housebreaking your puppies also becomes easier as using a crate teaches your dogs that freedom is a privilege. They will learn that they are able to achieve more freedom and space and their house training skill will improve. 

How Can a Prefab Dog Kennel Help With Crate Training?

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So how does a prefab dog kennel help with this? All of our prefab dog kennels are built with your pup in mind. With a customizable roof, automatic closing doors, high-quality windows, and a wide range of size options, your prefab dog kennel can be customized to your needs and situation. Prefab dog kennels for crate training also give your dog more freedom. Regular crates are a very tight fit so having that extra space in a prefab dog kennel is really nice. Crate training with a prefab dog kennel is best for adult and senior dogs who have had negative experiences in the past with small crate training. Since they’ll be nervous around smaller spaces, our prefab dog kennels will not only give them the space they need but will also still give them the housebreaking training that crates give. 

How to Crate Train With a Prefab Dog Kennel

First, choose and customize the prefab dog kennels for crate training. We have a wide variety of prefab dog kennels that can be customized to your every need. Whether you need a prefab dog kennel for a single dog, or run a shelter. After acquiring your prefab dog kennel, you can begin to slowly start familiarizing your four-legged friend with the concept of being in a dog kennel. Leave it in there with the doors open while nearby, and let him explore it. After your dog has gotten used to being in there, you can start closing the door and seeing how it reacts to it. Once your dog has gotten familiar with this concept, you can experiment with other things like using the kennel as a timeout area. 

These are some of the most asked questions about using prefab dog kennels for crate training. Feel free to do even more research so you can get the best options and results for your furry friend! Check out our prefab dog kennel for crate training and request a free quote to get started!

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