10×20 Sheds For Sale In VA

10x20 sheds for sale in va

Are you in need of additional storage space on your property? Look no further! Premier Building Solutions presents an exclusive range of 10 x 20 storage sheds designed to cater to your storage needs while adding value and functionality to your outdoor space.

If you’re in need of a storage solution for your gardening tools, outdoor equipment, or seasonal decorations, our range of customizable 10×20 sheds is tailored to meet your requirements. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of choosing the ideal material, shed style, and customization options that best suit your 10×20 shed needs.

Wooden and Metal Sheds

10×20 Wooden Sheds

Wood sheds are popular because they look natural and rustic. They can be made from durable woods like cedar or pine that resist rot. You can customize, paint, or stain wood sheds to fit your taste and match your yard.

10×20 Metal Sheds

Metal sheds have their own benefits. Usually made from galvanized steel or aluminum, they require little upkeep since they don’t need regular painting or staining. They are also fire, rot, and pest resistant, making them a durable choice.

Choose a shed style that fits your taste and looks good on your property. Popular options for 20×20 sheds are gable, barn, cottage, and modern styles. Think about the roof shape, windows, doors, and overall look when picking a 20×20 storage shed.

10x20 prefab sheds in southwestern VA

10×20 New England

Inspired by New England’s classic architecture, this shed style has a cozy, rustic look. It often features double doors and a steeper roof, giving your outdoor area a unique touch.

Wooden 8x10 Barn sheds

10×20 Barn Sheds

The 10×20 barn-style shed adds a rustic feel to your property. Its high roof and roomy inside offer lots of vertical storage for your bigger items or equipment.

10x20 metal a frame sheds for sale in VA

10×20 A-Frame

The 10×20 A-frame style shed features a classic roof design, resembling an upside-down “V.” This style is known for its durability and excellent water runoff capabilities. It offers a spacious interior and a timeless aesthetic that fits well in various settings.

10x20 quaker prefab sheds for sale in VA

10×20 Quaker

Quaker style 10×20 sheds are characterized by their distinctive roof design, featuring a longer slope in the front and a shorter slope in the back. This style adds a touch of elegance to the shed and provides extra headroom in the front. Quaker style sheds are a great option if you need additional vertical storage space.

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What Are The Benefits Of An 10x20 Shed?

Ample Storage Space

The 10 x 20 size gives you plenty of storage space for things like gardening tools, bikes, lawn equipment, and holiday decorations. The roomy inside makes it easy to organize and reach your stuff. You won't have to worry about running out of space.


A 10×20 shed can be very useful for various needs like storage, a workshop, a hobby room, or even a home office. By personalizing the shed with the right design and accessories, you can make it a practical and cozy space that fits your needs.

Outdoor Organization

Owning a 10 x 20 shed really helps keep your outdoor space neat and organized. It gives you a specific spot to store things that might otherwise clutter up your yard. With everything in one place, your yard looks tidier and more attractive.

Property Value

A well-maintained and properly designed shed can add value to your property. It is considered an attractive feature for potential buyers, as it offers additional storage and functional space.


Having a 10 x 20 shed on your property is really convenient. It gives you a dedicated place to store large items, so you don't have to clutter up your garage or basement. This leaves you with more space for other things.


A 10 x 20 shed provides plenty of room for you to customize it to match your style and preferences. You can choose from various designs, colors, and accessories to create a shed that fits in perfectly with your outdoor look, enhancing the appearance of your property.

10X20 Shed FAQ

The typical interior dimensions of a 10 x 20 shed are 9 feet by 19 feet, providing 171 square feet of floor space. However, the actual usable interior space may be slightly smaller due to wall thickness and structural elements.

Before the installation of your 10 x 20 shed, it’s important to prepare the site properly. This typically involves leveling the ground, ensuring proper drainage, and providing a stable and compacted base. Consult with the shed provider or a professional for specific site preparation instructions.

The required maintenance will depend on the material of your shed. Wood sheds may require periodic staining or painting to maintain their appearance and protect against weathering. You may also need to inspect and repair any potential wood rot or insect damage. Metal sheds generally require less maintenance, but it’s still important to keep them clean and check for any signs of rust or corrosion.

Yes, it is possible to install electricity in your 10×20 shed. However, this typically requires the expertise of a licensed electrician. They can safely wire your shed for lighting, outlets, and other electrical needs, ensuring compliance with local building codes and safety regulations.

While it is possible to move or relocate a shed, it can be a challenging task. The feasibility of moving an 10×20 shed depends on its construction, foundation, and access to equipment. It’s recommended to consult with professionals experienced in shed relocation to ensure a safe and successful move.

The need for a building permit for your 10×20 shed depends on local building codes and regulations. Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements for sheds above a certain size or if they have electrical installations. It’s important to check with your local building department to determine if a permit is necessary before constructing your shed.

10x20 shed sizes guide

10x20 Rent-To-Own Sheds

 We offer rent to own storage sheds for sale as well as rent to own options for our other portable structures we sell. Rent-to-own is similar in cost to renting a self-storage unit. The main difference is that at the end of your rental agreement, the building is yours to keep. Don’t waste money on self-storage when you can rent to own your own building!

Questions To Ask Before Buying An 10 X 20 Shed

What will It Be Used For?

Determine the primary purpose of your shed, whether it’s for storage, a workshop, a hobby space, or other specific needs. This will help you choose the right design, features, and customization options.

How Big of a budget do you have?

Set a budget for your shed project, taking into account not just the initial cost but also ongoing maintenance expenses. This will help you narrow down your options and make informed choices.

Do I need any additional features for security or functionality?

Consider if you require features like locks, windows with security bars, electrical wiring, or insulation for temperature control. Assessing these needs in advance will help you choose the right shed with the necessary features.

What materials are best for my needs?

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of wood and metal sheds. Think about factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and climate conditions in your area.

How much customization is needed?

Determine the level of customization you desire, such as color options, door and window configurations, shelving, and other accessories. This will help you find a shed that offers the customization options you need.

What is the warranty and after-sales support provided?

Inquire about the warranty offered by Premier Building Solutions and any after-sales support available. Knowing that you have reliable customer service can give you peace of mind regarding your purchase.

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!