What Is A Carport Garage? Plus, Metal Carports and Prefab Garages!

What is A Carport Garage? Or Carport or Garage?

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Which is Best for You?

A carport garage?  Isn’t it one or the other? Either a carport or a garage? Two things… One, there really is such a thing as a carport garage, and two, there are distinct differences between a metal carport garage, a prefab garage, and a carport. In this blog, we are going to clearly lay out the differences, the pros, and cons of each, and lead you to a most satisfactory car protection decision.

First, let’s clearly understand the differences!

What is a Carport?

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A carport is a metal-framed structure that is not enclosed on all sides. A metal roof is supported by securely fastened steel posts.  A carport provides basic protection from the forces of nature such as rain, snow, hail, or intense winds. A carport is popularly used for vehicle protection. However, there are RV Covers similar to the design of a carport for protection for your RV, boats, and other equipment.

What is a Prefab Garage?

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A prefab garage is a garage that is pre-built and delivered to your home. Depending on the size of your desired garage, it may have to be transported in sections and assembled on-site. Prefab garages are fully enclosed with a standard rollup garage door. Prefab garages offer full protection from harsh weather elements.

What is a Carport Garage?

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Finally! What is a carport garage?! Here it is. A carport garage is basically a way to have your cake and eat it too! A carport garage is a carport and by covering the walls with metal sheeting and adding a walk door and garage door(s), a regular metal carport can become affordable fully enclosed vehicle protection.

What is Best for You? A Metal Carport, Prefab Garage, or Carport Garage?

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Now that we answered the intriguing question of, what is a carport garage, let’s look closely at the pros and cons of each style of vehicle protection.

Pros & Cons of a Metal Carport

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Pros of a Metal Carport

  • Cheapest vehicle protection.
  • Provides basic weather and sun protection for your vehicles.
  • Carports are not dependent on a foundation, grass, or gravel work well.
  • Offers versatility in use, posing as car protection or a “pavilion” for parties or picnics.
  • May not require a permit.

Cons of a Metal Carport

  • Incomplete weather and car protection due to the lack of walls.
  • Does not provide a protective space for extra storage.
  • Least aesthetically enhancing garage.
  • Does not typically increase home value.

Pros & Cons of a Prefab Garage

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Pros of a Prefab Garage

  • Provides full weather protection for your vehicles
  • Provides space for storage
  • Protects your vehicles from burglary
  • Increases property value
  • Most attractive to homebuyers
  • Provides an optional space for additional living area

Cons of a Prefab Garage

  • The most expensive option of the three
  • Requires a permit

Pros & Cons of a Carport Garage

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Pros of a Carport Garage

  • Provides full vehicle protection
  • Protects vehicle or equipment from burglary
  • Maintains appearance of a real garage
  • Cheaper than prefab garages
  • Provides storage space

Cons of a Carport Garage

  • Requires a permit
  • Not as aesthetically appealing as a prefab garage
  • Metal framing and metal walls create difficulty for add-ons such as shelving etc.

Significant Factor in ALL This

Carports can be painted as cheap, flimsy, and as a last-ditch car protection option. Truth is that carports can be all those things. However, that can apply to a prefab garage and a carport garage. All three have that potential.

A significant factor in all this is…Choose a reputable amish company. If you partner with a reputable metal carport and prefab garage company, your choice of vehicle protection will be long lasting and high quality even if you go with the cheapest route. Visit our 5 Shed Makeover Ideas blog to get some ideas on how to makeover an old metal shed!

Premier Building Solutions Metal Carports and Prefab Garages

At Premier Building Solutions we offer high quality carport garages, metal carports, and prefab garages!

Economical & Stylish Metal Carports

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If the all metal-framing or the economic aspects attract you to a metal carport, enjoy checking out some of metal carports available from Premier Building Solutions! Whether you need a carport for business purposes, farming, coverage for your RV or boats, or simply your vehicles, be inspired by the following metal carports.

Stunning Prefab Wood-framed Metal or All Wood Garages!

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If a prefab garage pulls your direction for the real, classic feel and looks of a garage, prefab garages are our domain as we specialize in building high quality and metal single car garages and metal doublewide garages. As well as all wooden structures.

There are real benefits for going with a wood-framed metal structure instead of an all-metal structure. Just for a taste, here are the top 3 benefits of choosing a wood-framed metal prefab building.

  1. Extremely Durable. Metal exteriors last longer than wooden exteriors!
  2. Add-ons Made Easy. Thanks to the wooden framing, shelves, and workbenches, are easily attached.
  3. Best Bang for Your Buck (Very Cost-effective). The combo of wood framing and metal sheeting is a long-lasting investment and worth your every penny.

For full disclosure of all the benefits of a wood-framed metal prefab garage, check out 5 Benefits of a Wood-Framed Metal Sheeted Building.  

Meanwhile check out some of the wood framed metal and all wooden prefab garages available from Premier Building Solutions!

We are Ready to Partner with you!

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As a reputable garage builder, we understand the tension of making the right decision for the protection of your vehicles. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and no less.

No need to wrestle with making the final decision alone, partner with us at Premier Building Solutions for a confident garage purchase and very happy ending to your shopping venture.

Discover your dream garage style today!

Remember, you are the King or Queen of your castle, and we are at your service.

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!