5 Benefits of a Wood Framed-Metal Sheeted Building

Let’s Discover the Benefits of A Wood Framed-Metal Sheeted Building and The Differences!

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You just want to feel the deep satisfaction of making the right choice. The fear of going with the less than ideal buy may leave you feeling uneasy or hesitant in the face of multiple choices.

There are a lot of great options when it comes to sheds and garages with a whole slew of ideal building materials to make them.

We know the stress of having to weed through all the options especially considering cost-effectiveness. This is why, we want to empower you with this blog on “The Benefits of a Wood-Framed- Metal Sheeted Building”.  Let’s talk about the benefits of purchasing a wood-framed-metal building. Also, let’s answer the question, “How cost-effective are metal buildings?” And more!

Wood Framing Inside a Metal Building?

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A metal and a wood building? This probably is not as foreign a concept to you as perhaps speaking an exotic language like, Chinese. However, it may be less common. While some companies’ focus primarily on either an all-metal building or an all-wooden building, there are advantages to combining them both! We could say that is quite possibly the best of both worlds. Especially if the wood is used for the framing and metal is used for the siding.

Read on to discover these benefits! Before the benefits, let’s first talk about metal costs.

How Cost Effective Are Metal Buildings, Anyway?

A metal building holds an incredible cost to quality ratio. So, in answering the question of how cost effective are metal buildings, the simple answer is…very. Metal buildings’ outstanding longevity and resilient durability guarantee these sturdy buildings are well worth every single penny. Basically, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding” and most metal shed manufacturing company’s offer a 40-year warranty!

Benefits of a Wood Framed-Metal Sheeted Building

Part of the challenge of making a satisfactory building purchase, is determining what the benefits are and if it will indeed fulfill your desired purpose.  

Here are 5 benefits that pair so beautifully with how cost-effective metal buildings are!

Benefit #1: Easy Add-ons

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Often the downside of an all-metal building is the fact that you cannot attach much to metal (without a hassle). Here is the beauty of the first benefit! With a wooden framed metal building, you will be able to add those organizational shelves, handy hangers, and pretty much anything else that suits your fancy. No hassle! Just grab your handy dandy hammer or electric drill and do your thang!

Benefit #2: “Tough as Nails” Durability

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Say hello to durability! Do not let the words metal sheeting fool you! Metal sheeting has absolutely NOTHING in common with cotton or fabric sheets. Both on the thin side, but worlds apart in durability. Metal sheeted buildings withstand crazy intense weather, such as high winds or flying objects (like those confounded stray baseballs). Plus, thanks to metal buildings great durability, metal exteriors last longer than wooden ones.

Benefit #3: Maintenance Free Best Friend

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Sometimes with all the busyness of this fast-paced life, the last thing you want to do is…babysit!!! Your granddaughter, yes! Your favorite canine, yes! Your dear parents, yes! Your prefab shed or other property’s buildings, NO! Precisely…which is why metal sheeted buildings are about to become your best friend. Metal structures are much easier to clean and to keep clean than wooden ones. An occasional leisure hose down or power wash will keep your metal building shiny and looking its best.

Benefit #4: Quite Sharp Looking

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Aesthetics matter when it comes to your property’s buildings. Put simply, steel buildings are looking quite sharp these days! Metal buildings showcase a crisp, clean, and commanding presence on your property. This aesthetic combination will surely increase everyone’s appreciation of your property.

Benefit #5: Best Bang for Your Buck!

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This benefit goes back to the earlier discussion on how cost-effective metal buildings are…wood framed metal buildings cost less than structures with wooden siding. This is great news because metal sheeted buildings are such long-lasting structures. Nothing quite like getting the best bang for your buck!

So, How Good are Metal Buildings?

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Metal buildings are the most durable structures thanks to its carefully engineered steel. Not only are they extremely durable, but cost-effective as well, thanks to the longevity provided by its durability. Visit our 5 Shed Makeover Ideas blog to get some ideas on how to makeover an old metal shed!

Why You Should Choose a Premier Structure’s Metal Building!

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A wood framed metal sheeted building stands out with its cost effective and benefit packed existence. However, when you choose one of these keepers from Premier Structures you are getting yourself quite the deal.

We build quality economical and deluxe models and here are some of the extra benefits of going with one of Premier Building Solutions metal buildings.

  • Our metal siding is heavy-duty! We do not wrap our buildings in metal tissue paper. The exterior of our buildings is wrapped with a thick layer of metal. Just to get an idea of how extremely durable our metal siding is, the siding weighs at least 2 pounds per square foot. Our metal sidings thickness is above average in the industry.
  • If something is good let it stand the test of time…on our wallet! Yes, allow our 40-year guarantee stand testament to the durability of our heavy-duty metal siding buildings.
  • Plus, if you go with our deluxe model, your building can be upgraded with the metal siding fastened to OSB on the wooden studs. This combo results in a more insulated, sound, and temperature-controlled structure.
  • We proudly manufacture our own metal sheeting. This way, we can assure you that the quality of your metal building is top-notch.
  • Our cost-to-quality ratio is one of the best in the industry.
  • 99% of the time if you go with a wood-framed metal sheeted structure, it will be the lowest priced option available.

Discover Your Dream Metal Building!

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How cost-effective are metal buildings? Very! Now is the time to discover the metal building of your choice. Check out this high quality and skillfully crafted, wood-framed metal sheeted sheds or garages and become a cost-effective metal building owner today!

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