Doublewide prefab Garages

Multiple-car storage made simple

Building a two-car detached garage from scratch is a huge commitment in terms of time and resources. With our two-car prefab garage designs, we simplify the process and make it much more affordable to protect your vehicle from the elements. No more sun damage in the summer or ice-scraping in the winter.

The Modular Doublewide Garages provide a simple and economical way to build a detached two-car garage. The two halves of the building are prefabricated in the shop to allow for maximum efficiency (hence the best price). Then they are transported to your site and assembled, and any finishing touches are added. This method of construction creates a sturdy, durable garage at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.

Doublewide Prefab Garage Models

The Modular Doublewide Metal Garage

Our metal sided garages are our first recommendation for a doublewide garage. The Premier metal sheeting provides an ultra-durable exterior siding, and comes with a 40 year warranty. We offer 25 colors of metal to choose from for siding, roofing, and trim.

  • Sizes range from 20×20 to 28×40.
  • Two garage doors
  • One walk-in door for ease of entry
  • Four 24×36 windows w/screens to allow plenty of light and airflow
  • Treated 2×6 floor joist, 12” on-center to support the weight of any vehicle
  • ¾” flooring
red double prefab garages in virginia

Why You Should Choose a Premier Metal Garage

Our unique metal garages are built with a wood-frame base wrapped with a heavy-duty metal siding, which is durable against extreme outdoor conditions. Our wood-frame interior allows for hanging tools and shelves easier than most metal garages. Our portable garages come with a floor and wooden runners, protecting the structure from deterioration.

  • Our metal garages are not just a regular prefab metal garage. These buildings are wood-framed, making it easy to install any hangers, shelves, etc.
  • Durable heavy metal sheet! The metal siding on our garage structures weighs at least 2 lbs per square foot. This makes it extremely durable against outdoor elements.
  • We also stand behind the quality of our heavy duty materials with a 40 year warranty!

The Modular Doublewide Wooden Garage

Our wooden garages are almost identical to our metal garages, but with metal siding. Sizes are available from 24×20 to 28×48 and include:

buy double prefab garages in virginia
  • Two garage doors
  • One walk-in door for ease of entry
  • Two windows w/screens to allow plenty of light and airflow
  • Treated 2×6 floor joist, 12” on-center to support the weight of any vehicle
  • AdvanTech™ flooring
  • Customer choice of a 30-year shingle (8 colors to choose) or 40-year metal (22 colors to choose) roof
  • Painted or stained SmartSide™ siding
  • 18 paint colors to choose from
  • 7’ 4½” sidewalls

Doublewide Prefab Garages

doublewide prefab garages in radford va
red double prefab garages in virginia
double prefab garages interior
doublewide prefab garages in virginia
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Doublewide Prefab Garages, Built Locally

Our prefab two-car garages are all locally manufactured in southwestern Virginia. By combining modern materials and techniques with good old hard work, our Amish and Mennonite builders turn out beautiful structures that we’re proud to put our name behind. Instead of a cheap, mass produced building from a big-box store, you can own a two-car prefab garage that’s completely unique and hand-crafted with precision. 


Free Prefab Garage Delivery

Pine Glade Buildings is a local, southwestern Virginia company and we’ve chosen to offer free delivery of all our multiple-car prefab garages, up to 50 miles from our location in Dublin, VA.  After the first 50 miles, we charge a simple per mile price. We deliver doublewide prefab garages in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Wytheville, Bristol, and Bluefield, VA, as well as across state lines to Bristol,TN; Mt. Airy, NC; Princeton and Bluefield, WV and the surrounding areas. 


Customize Your Prefab Garage

Every person’s property and vehicle storage needs are different. We believe the solution to those needs should be tailor-made as well. With that in mind, every one of our two-car prefab garages is totally customizable! Choose from a number of exterior finishes, including 40-year metal and treated wood SmartSide™ siding (with either a paint or stain finish). Roofing options include metal with a 40-year paint warranty or a 30-year shingle roof. Exact door and window placements are also chosen by the customer.

Like What You’re Seeing?

If you think our two-car prefab garages look like something that would work well for you, we’ve made it easy to get started towards getting your own. Give us a call or request a free quote online. For a real solid garage, built locally in Virginia and delivered to your door at a price you can’t refuse, get in touch with us today!