8×12 Prefab Sheds In VA

8x12 Metal A-frame backyard sheds in VA

Are you in need of additional storage space on your property? Look no further! Premier Building Solutions presents an exclusive range of 8 x 12 storage sheds designed to cater to your storage needs while adding value and functionality to your outdoor space.

In need of a versatile storage solution? Look no further than our 8×12 shed. Whether you’re seeking a backyard haven for gardening essentials, outdoor gear, or holiday adornments, our customizable 8 x 12 sheds provide the ideal answer. Join us in this blog as we walk you through choosing materials, shed styles, and personalization features tailored to your 8×12 shed needs.

Wooden and Metal Sheds

8×12 Wooden Sheds

The allure of 8×12 prefab wooden sheds lies in their innate rustic charm and widespread popularity. Crafted from a variety of wood types, like sturdy cedar or resilient pine, these sheds boast exceptional durability and a knack for warding off decay. The canvas of wood sheds is easily tailored to your liking – paint or stain them to resonate harmoniously with your personal style and effortlessly meld into the natural backdrop of your outdoor space.

8×12 Metal Sheds

People really like metal storage buildings because they last a really long time and they don’t cost too much. They’re a good deal, and provide good value for your money. These buildings are made of strong metal on the outside, so they’re tough. They also have a wooden frame inside, similar to wooden storage buildings. This means you can still choose how you want to organize the inside, like adding hooks, shelves, and more.

8x12 Wooden New England Sheds In VA

8×12 New England

Capturing the essence of traditional New England architecture, the design of this 8×12 shed pays homage to a charming and rustic aesthetic. Characterized by its double doors and steeper roof pitch, it imparts a unique personality that effortlessly enriches the ambiance of your outdoor area.

Wooden 8x12 Barn sheds

8×12 Barn Sheds

Introducing the 8×12 barn-style shed, an embodiment of rustic allure for your property. Its lofty roofline and expansive interior offer abundant vertical storage room, ideal for accommodating your bulkier possessions and equipment.

8x12 economy metal sheds in VA

8×12 A-Frame

Exhibiting a timeless design, the A-frame style shed showcases a roof with the iconic form of an inverted “V.” Renowned for its robustness and efficient water drainage, this style seamlessly blends durability with practicality. Inside, a generous space awaits, while its enduring charm harmonizes effortlessly with diverse surroundings.

8x12 quaker sheds for sale in VA

8×12 Quaker

Quaker sheds are recognized for their unique roof configuration, boasting an elongated incline at the front and a more compact one at the rear. This design imparts a sense of refinement to the shed while affording additional headspace in the front. Opting for a Quaker-style shed not only introduces a touch of elegance but also expands your vertical storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for addressing your storage needs.

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What Are The Benefits of an 8x12 Shed?

Ample Storage Space

With dimensions of 8x12, these sheds offer an expansive storage area, accommodating a diverse range of items including gardening tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, seasonal decorations, and beyond. Inside, the ample space guarantees effective organization and convenient access to your belongings.


From storage solutions to workshops, hobby rooms, or even home offices, the versatility of an 8x12 shed knows no bounds. Tailored to your exact requirements, this space can be personalized to fulfill your unique needs. Armed with the appropriate design and accessories, it can seamlessly evolve into a practical and inviting haven, perfectly aligned with your desires.

Outdoor Organization

Embracing an 8x12 shed brings forth a sense of order and tidiness to your outdoor expanse. This dedicated space corrals items that might otherwise sprawl across your yard, orchestrating a harmonious and visually captivating setting.

Property Value

A well-maintained and properly designed shed can add value to your property. It is considered an attractive feature for potential buyers, as it offers additional storage and functional space.


Incorporating an 8×12 shed into your property introduces a new level of everyday ease. No longer must you grapple with stowing away hefty items in your garage or basement, as this shed liberates precious room for alternative endeavors. Beyond this, it guarantees effortless access to your possessions whenever required, an efficient arrangement that spares you both time and exertion.


Molding an 8×12 backyard shed to mirror your distinct taste and inclinations is within reach. A plethora of design avenues, color palettes, and accessory choices lay at your disposal, enabling you to shape a shed that effortlessly melds with your outdoor allure and elevates the overarching charm of your property.

8X12 Shed FAQ

The dimensions of an 8×12 shed offer a precise interior space of 96 square feet. It’s worth noting that the effective usable area might be marginally reduced due to the wall thickness.

In anticipation of setting up your 8×12 shed, meticulous site preparation is essential. This commonly encompasses tasks such as ground leveling, establishing efficient drainage, and furnishing a solid, compact foundation. To guarantee precision, it’s advisable to engage with the shed provider or seek guidance from a qualified expert regarding site preparation directives tailored to your specific needs.

The required maintenance will depend on the material of your shed. Wood sheds may require periodic staining or painting to maintain their appearance and protect against weathering. You may also need to inspect and repair any potential wood rot or insect damage. Metal sheds generally require less maintenance, but it’s still important to keep them clean and check for any signs of rust or corrosion.

Indeed, the incorporation of electricity into your 8×12 shed is feasible. Nevertheless, this process generally demands the skills of a licensed electrician. They possess the proficiency to adeptly wire your shed to accommodate lighting, outlets, and assorted electrical requisites. This approach guarantees adherence to local building codes and safety protocols, fostering a secure and compliant outcome.

Moving an 8×12 shed is possible but complex, contingent on construction, foundation, and equipment. Consulting experienced specialists ensures a safe, successful relocation.

Whether an 8×12 shed requires a building permit varies based on local codes and regulations. Certain areas might mandate permits for larger sheds or those with electrical setups. To ascertain whether a permit is needed prior to building your shed, it’s crucial to consult your local building authority.

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8x12 Rent-To-Own Sheds

We offer rent to own storage sheds as well as rent to own options for our other portable structures we sell. Rent-to-own is similar in cost to renting a self-storage unit. The main difference is that at the end of your rental agreement, the building is yours to keep. Don’t waste money on self-storage when you can rent to own your own building!

Questions To Ask Before Buying An 8 x 12 Shed

What will It Be Used For?

Determine the primary purpose of your shed, whether it’s for storage, a workshop, a hobby space, or other specific needs. This will help you choose the right design, features, and customization options.

How Big of a budget do you have?

Set a budget for your shed project, taking into account not just the initial cost but also ongoing maintenance expenses. This will help you narrow down your options and make informed choices.

Do I need any additional features for security or functionality?

Decide whether you need features such as locks, security-barred windows, electrical wiring, or insulation for climate control. Evaluating these options in advance help in selecting a shed that precisely matches your required features.

What materials are best for my needs?

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of wood and metal sheds. Think about factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and climate conditions in your area.

How much customization is needed?

Find the features you are looking for, like color choices, door and window arrangements, shelving, and additional accessories. This process helps in discovering a shed that that fits your needs.

What is the warranty and after-sales support provided?

We are proud to offer warranties for both are metal and wood sheds. Our metal shed warranties are longer simply because of the longevity of the material, but we still offer warranties on our wood sheds as well. To learn more simply give us a call!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!