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How Big Is A 2 Car Garage?

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If you and your family have multiple cars, not having the right-sized 2-car garage measurements seems fine until winter. Once November hits, you wake up exhausted and hating that you must wake up even earlier than you need to warm your car up. 

But this problem can be fixed with a long-term investment. A 2-car garage. Choosing a suitable 2-car garage can be difficult depending on the sizes of your vehicles, and it’s not something you can just return like you would at Walmart.  

So, how big is the average 2-car garage? This blog will discuss proper sizing so you can make the right purchase and sleep comfortably during winter. 

What Is A 2-Car Garage?

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The answer seems pretty straightforward, and in a way, it is. A 2-car garage is a garage that can house 2 vehicles. But the answer can go beyond that. You can choose from so many different options and features nowadays that even a fundamental question like this can get confusing. 

Depending on your needs, a 2-car garage can be either attached or detached. The most common sizes that are purchased are 20×20, 20×22, 24×24, or 24×30. No two homeowners will have the exact needs, so when you choose your garage size, consider the size of your vehicles and if you plan on using your garage beyond vehicle storage. Maybe you want some extra storage space or have a workshop. 

What Can I Fit In A 2-Car Garage?

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A 2-car garage will, of course, have enough space to fit 2 vehicles, but you can also use the walls for storage like bicycles, shoe racks, trash cans, and even shelving. 

If you’re eyeing a larger-sized garage, something like a 24×24, you could fit a workbench for personal projects! With a garage that size, you could fit in a workbench and have space for shelving on the walls and still easily open and close your garage doors.

This all comes down to you, though; if you have a keen eye for storage, you might be able to fit more into your 2-car garage than others. This question also depends on the size of your garage and the size of your vehicles. You will have more space if you have 2 compact cars than a truck and a van. 

1 Car Garage vs 2 Car Garage

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When deciding between a one-car and two-car garage, the most significant factor would be what you need and the amount of vehicles you have. If you have more than 1 vehicle, you will likely be more comfortable with a 2-car garage, but there are numerous benefits of having the extra space that a two-car garage can provide, even if you only have one car. For instance, you may find that you now have extra space for storage. 

A two-car garage allows for much more legroom on either side of the car instead of it being crammed into the corner of a single-space garage. Furthermore, many people also use their extra space for creating a workshop to make repairs and modifications to their vehicles or enjoy other hobbies like woodworking. Opting for a two-car garage will give you plenty of additional room, and you won’t need to worry about garage space if you get a second car. 

What Is The Most Common 2-Car Garage Size?

The most common sizes of 2-car garages that homeowners purchase are 20×20, 24×24, and 24×30. This does not mean that these are the best sizes to get, but in most cases, these sizes are the ones that best fit a homeowner’s needs.

How Much Does A 2-Car Garage Cost? 

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This question depends on the size of your 2-car garage, but if we take a 20×20 2-car garage, which is one of the most common sizes, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. Premier Structures 20×20 doublewide garage starts at $17,000 and is one of the best deals you can get. With multiple windows, customization options, trim options, and interior options, we offer a highly unique process to homeowners who want a 2-car garage that best compliments their home. Check out our 2-car garages here. 

What Is The Minimum Size For A 2-Car Garage?

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The smallest size considered a “2-car garage” would be 20×20. Now, the word minimum might sound a bit scary, with questions like “Will my cars fit in a minimum-sized garage” coming to your head. Let’s look at real-life examples to break down this size some more. 

We’ll take 2 of the most popular owned cars in America, a Ford F-150 and a Honda Accord. 

A 20×20 2-car garage is about 400 square feet of space. A 2022 Honda Accord is 196.1 inches long or about 16.34 feet. And it is 73.3 inches wide or about 6.1 feet. If we take some basic math, we can determine that a 2022 Honda Accord will take up about 99.67 square feet of space, roughly a quarter of your 20×20 garage. 

If we look at the most extended 2022 Ford F-150 model, we can see that it is 250.3 inches long or about 20.8 feet long. Its width is 86.6 inches, or about 7.21 feet long. Using the same formula of length x width, the square footage that a 2022 Ford F-150 Model will take up is about 150 square feet of space. 

If you owned both cars, you would have 150 square feet of space in your garage after parking. Plenty enough for a workbench or anything else you like!

2 Car Garages For Sale In VA

Premier Structures has served Virginia and provided homeowners with quality sheds, garages, carports, and more for over a decade! Our 2 car garages are among the best because of their durability and functionality. We use the highest-quality materials to make your dream garage. One that’ll provide reliable protection for your cars, give you space for hobbies, and last a lifetime. Our garages are all fully customizable to fit your needs and can be edited and designed to complement your home and its aesthetic. Choose Premier Structures and make a wise investment with a 2-car garage.

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!

Let’s talk and find the best possible building for your backyard needs!