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12 x 24 sheds

Make Sure It is a Hand in Glove Fit!

Looks like a 12×24 shed has caught your attention. And why wouldn’t it? It offers you a roomy and focused space.

However, did you know that this focused space includes precisely 288 square feet of possibilities?!

A 12×24 sheds provides you with a larger sized shed. However, its space (in this case 😉) is not oversized.

Naturally, you want to invest in a shed that looks great and fits attractively into your backyard. A 12×24 sheds holds a middle ground between small and oversized.

Of course, if you have not evaluated your available yard space, now would be a good time to admire your property as well as determine if a 12×24 sheds fits well into its available space.

Get Ready to “Shed” Some Light on Your Ideal 12×24 Shed!

It is highly likely that you already did the above “homework”, and you know that a 12×24 shed is a right size for you. Now choose your ideal use for 12×24 sheds, plus, the pros and cons of going DIY, kit, or prebuilt, price comparisons, and more!

Let’s “shed” some light on that 228 square feet of possibilities!

Select Your Ideal Use for Your 12×24 Sheds!

12x24 sheds

12×24 Man-Cave – A Spot Where You Unwind & Change the World

Have you been thinking about carving out a space that speaks to your exact masculine style? Even superman stops to take a rest now and then. A 12×24 sheds provides adequate space for you to stretch out after a long day’s work. 

Plus, enjoy enough space for your admirers to occasionally join you, whether that is your lady, children, or best friends. Whether your ideal mancave setup contains camouflage, leather, or a couple couches and a smaller sized pool table, you name it, it all starts with a good-looking shed shell.

Did you know you can get a deluxe 12×24 sheds from Premier Sheds and begin the first and crucial step to creating your own man cave today? Enjoy tackling your ideal 12×24 sheds using our online 3D shed builder.

12×24 She-Shed – Your Space for Rejuvenation & Uninhibited Creativity

Industrious lady, are you ready to carry your creative touches to a rejuvenating and relaxing space of your own? Perhaps you want to create your own 12×24 she-shed but you are not sure where to start. If so, the very first step is to dream.  

This is exactly what Harriet Tubman, the famous human activist recommends. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars…”

12x24 sheds for sale

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Ask yourself these questions, what is your ideal style? Colors? Interior décor? What is it you wish to express? What environment will bring you the most peace? After you spent leisure time dreaming, the next step is to explore your shed possibilities. A 12×24 sheds shell provides you a clean canvas to color with your ideal she shed interior design. Besides, the beauty of your exact style should begin right at the front door and continue all the way throughout your she shed’s interior.

Did you know you can start this exciting she shed adventure today?!

12×24 Play-House – Your Child’s Piece of Outdoor Paradise

How does a positive, brain-building “larger than life” toy sound to you? 12×24 sheds turned into a playhouse offers you, dear, hard-working parent, a chance to finally enjoy a cup of coffee at its best. Simply because you know your child is using their imagination in beneficial ways outdoors while you take a moment inside to breathe, to reflect, or to plan.

12x24 she sheds in virginia

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You are your child’s hero and a child’s playhouse offer you not only a chance to breathe deeply, but also a chance to bond deeply with your children.

Surprise your child and bring them a 12×24 sheds shell where they can spend hours creating, playing, and spending time, outdoors! With our online 3D Builder, you will enjoy an easy and fun playhouse buying process!

12×24 Workshop Shed – A Place Where Your Creative Genius is Unleashed!

If your hobby is outgrowing your garage, or even your kitchen table, sounds like 12×24 sheds is your answer! Whether you enjoy woodworking, painting, pottery, you name it, a 12×24 workshop shed provides you a dedicated space to do what you love the most! Also, thanks to its 228 square feet of space, you can enjoy setting up plenty of shelves, counter tops, tables, and plenty of organization drawers to keep your hobby’s creations rolling.

12x24 mancaves in virginia

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Are you tired of working in cramped or disorganized spaces? Are you ready to allow your creative genius to be fully unleashed? If so, you can prepare your dedicated space right now by discovering your ideal 12×24 sheds shell. The rest is history, thanks to your creative talents! 😊

12×24 Storage Shed – “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.”

You can fit a lot inside 12×24 sheds. There is plenty of room for shelving and workbenches. Plus, if you choose to include a loft in your 12×24 sheds design, you can enjoy even more floorspace for storing your important equipment, tools, or labeled storage bins. A 12×24 sheds space can easily house a small boat, a tractor(s), a motorcycle(s), or a snowmobile(s), etc.  

How would you like to reclaim your garage for your cars, and enjoy an organized space just for storage or just for your costly money investments like garden tools, or boat? If so, a 12×24 shed provides you with plenty of space to effectively organize your storage.

12x24 sheds in va

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Discover your ideal 12×24 storage sheds today and get ready to scratch off organizing the garage for 2021! 😊 Enjoy creating your ideal storage shed with our online 3D Builder.

This shed-creating experience is… Such. A. Breeze.

12×24 Office – The Center of Focus & Productivity!

Are you ready to join the thousands of other happy home office shed owners? Now is a perfect time to make the investment and take the plunge! If you wish to increase your work productivity, focus, and sanity while working from home, 12×24 sheds offers you a spacious workspace. Enjoy setting up a desk, bookshelves, even a couch or space for exercise during breaks. When you have complete control over your workspace, you are set for creating the ideal work environment for your optimal success!

12x24 sheds for sale in va

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First step towards owning a 12×24 office shed is choosing the right shed shell. Once you own your ideal shed style and structure, you can enjoy the next steps of creating the interior. For now, take a moment to choose your ideal 12×24 shed style and begin this important and exciting adventure of owning your very own office shed.

What are the 12×24 Shed Price Comparisons – DIY, Kit, and Prebuilt?

12x24 sheds in virginia

Here is a general cost break down for the 3 building routes to your 12×24 shed.  Keep in mind that the following prices may vary upon special customizations or the shed style you desire. The following is going off a basic model.

  • DIY – Between $4,500 – $5,900
  • Kit – Between $4,700 -$6,200
  • Prebuilt – Between $5,145 – $6,375

Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Q. How to Get A Free Quote?

A. We are glad you asked! Our quote form is available on the upper right corner of our Premier Structure’s Homepage. Simply click on the free quote button and fill out the questions. However, to save you time, enjoy quicker access to our Free Quote Form by filling out the form right here.

Q. How to Design My Own 12×24 Shed?

A.  Good news for you! Our shed company offers you an online 3D Builder where you can choose your shed style, your colors, siding, and special customizations. Plus, you will enjoy getting a summary of the cost for your desired shed at the end of the process. Check out our 3D Builder here and get the ball rolling for your 12×24 shed!

Q. Does Premier Structures Service My Location?

A. We are honored to service the entire state of Virginia and some of those locations include Max Meadows, Dublin, Hillsville, Abingdon, Rural Retreat, and many more! Check out our ever-growing Areas We Serve and if you have any doubts, please reach out to us to find out if you are in our delivery radius.

Q. Does Premier Structures Offer Financing?

A. Yes, we offer traditional financing as well as Rent-to-Own. For a complete disclosure of the details of both our financing options, check out our Rent-to- Own page.

Partner with Premier Structures for Your 12×24 Shed

12x24 sheds for sale in virginia

Do you feel any closer to your 12×24 shed!? Are you ready to secure a space for life that will truly last you a lifetime?

If so, Premier Structures is at your service! We stand ready to equip and to empower your discovery and investment in a brand-new shed.

Your new 12×24 shed awaits.

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